Is Motivation important for students’ success?

Is Motivation important for students’ success?

Importance of motivation is the motor that moves your world. It is the energy that enhances your brain cells to move towards positivity and self-fulfillment. Without the required levels, you feel that getting out of your couch is almost next to impossible. You find difficulty in doing well at school, doing your homework every day, getting fabulous grades at college and able to earn your promotions at the places of work. A motivation less you can be compared to that of a living vegetable.

It is therefore highly essential you keep your motivation levels higher so that you reach the pinnacle summit points of success earlier.

In this virtual guide, you are going to learn about some of the important forms of motivation. You will also look into how motivation helps you attain success in life better and faster over your non-committed or non-motivated counterparts:

Basically, we are going to have a look at two types of motivation. Do you know which form of importance of motivation Here you go:

Importance of Motivation for Students

Intrinsic motivation

When your impulses are excited to do something or challenging enough to achieve something, the category is clubbed under a behavioral pattern namely intrinsic motivation. Some students find it exciting to do their school homework on time. This is mainly because they can enjoy their remaining holidays to the fullest. Or your kid may have an intrinsic love for building his own engines or cars. This kind of motivation is internal. It need not always be educational based, curriculum-based or related to academics. Non-scholastic activities like singing, dancing or playing for the school’s sports team also stems from intrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation is a kind of a forced motivation. Only if you work for 6 days a week for 9 hours a day, can you afford to buy a brand new car or a brand new house? Only if you study a professional course, can you get employment at top-notch companies? This kind of motivation also depends on external factors to some extent. Extrinsic motivation is therefore based on punishments or success rewards. You don’t want punishments to demoralize you. So even if a particular thing is not of much interest to you, you build the motivation levels to do well in that field.

Factors that determine motivation levels of students are as follows:

Latency effect

If a student takes a longer time to respond to the stimulus, it is a simple indication that the student is less-motivated, after all.


People with higher levels of persistence take a longer time to complete a particular task but wanting to do it the perfect way.

Preferential choices

You prefer hanging out with friends than doing your homework or studying for the next day’s exam, it clearly implies that you are not motivated enough in your academics.


There are two batches of students who are asked to submit a project on ‘Technology and Science’. Batch-A puts in tremendous physical efforts in creating the needed props for presenting an exhibition; they invest time, energy and resources in getting the theme organized. While batch B just focuses on doing the model using basic styles. Batch-A students are more motivated over Batch B.

Learn tips on how to improve motivation levels of students:

In the segment on importance of motivation we are going to learn 5 techniques on how to improve motivation levels among students:

Show love and affection towards students

As a teacher, you have a huge responsibility that is lingering on to your shoulders forever. You are the one that is responsible for shaping up the future generation of any evolving society or community. In order to bring about increased levels of motivation among students, teachers have to be loving and affectionate towards their students. Never underestimate their potential or be rude to them even if they don’t know something. In order to show gestures of love, compassion or kindness, the teacher can give hand-written birthday cards on birthdays of each student. Also never resort to negativity or show your job stress on students. However challenging the profession is, you need to make the students feel that they are in the warm and cozy atmosphere of understanding teachers.

Value their efforts

This is a very important aspect touching on the importance of motivation. You need to value the efforts of every individual student. “You are concentrating so hard. I am sure you will be able to crack it”. You are going to learn a lot today and your hard work is going to give rich yields’ Constant words of motivation value their efforts. And your students are more persistent towards achieving fab grades in classes and outside.

Keep your students involved

In order to ease the stress or tension of handling a difficult subject, you need to keep your students engaged in other activities. You can have a representative each to clean up the previous session’s notes, decorate the board, write motivational proverbs, solving riddles, etc. This can keep everyone involved. This way, you set the tone to improve their motivation levels. Then they sit down to listen to the class lectures in an exciting way. Make sure, these activities do not eat up the class time. Interesting two-minute games can also keep students motivated all through the session.

Change your teaching styles

As you all know, kids can get bored pretty easily. You need to change your teaching styles every now and then. You can use technology or games to touch upon the desired area of study. To understand the importance of human cornea, you can let them know how tablets or mobile phones impact the lives of younger children. Showing Eductional videos, movies, murals, and educational documentaries also help keep students well motivated. Concepts visualized linger on to their memories longer than theoretical stereotyped explaining.

Use incentives

Students need tangible things to help them deal with the stress of education. You can offer stickers or yellow star badges to students who improve their percentages from one level to another. A student getting a 60% gets a yellow badge and an improvement certificate once he/she gets 80% in the next semester. Incentive-based styles of rewards can heighten the motivation levels among students. But don’t over-do it as they expect incentives every time in order to perform.

The importance of motivation levels, the factors that reveal higher motivation and tips and techniques on how to improve motivation levels among students form a part of this particular segment.

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