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Know thyself to make the right career decision

We provide student counseling to enable them to know themselves and then take the right career steps that will lead to path of happiness and satisfaction. We use the latest and best counseling techniques to determine student's skills and strengths. After our analysis, a student will be able to make right decisions about what should he choose as career and what line of work should he aim at. With our counselling services, we have helped thousands of students to become successful in their lives.

We do not push for getting admitted to any college or institute as we are not affiliated to anyone. Through counseling, we simply show you the way you should take that matches your skill set.

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Why students should go for Counselling

Most of the students pass their initial studies without no problems, but when it comes to professional studies or career selection, they start feeling puzzled. It is not easy to find out your working area in this huge market of different industries. So, at that time, it is good to go with professional support. A consultancy will be the best option for you. Education and professional consultants better know how to choose your working fields easily. With their support, one can easily decide whether he/she should go and start their career. A consultancy will also help you to choose the best professional institutes to become more skilled in your area. Or if you are done with your studies, they will also guide you through different companies active in your area of expertise. There are various other benefits of going to a consultancy. But, the main benefit for you will be the peace of mind and freedom of job stresses.

Team of best counsellors

At Study Spectrum, a team of finest faculty helps the students chase their career path and achieve their desired goals with great academic performance. Besides our teaching support, we are known for our great consultancy services. We have the expert professionals with us who know how to discover the unique skillset inside an individual and the various ways to nourish it to the fullest.

Our counsellors come with more than 15 years of extensive experience and are highly recommended by students and parents for their proven work. With their abled guidance you can kick-start a bright career with reputed companies.

Improved personality

Gone are the days when having good academic record was sufficient to bag a job. Today, we cannot deny the importance of a pleasant personality in making an impact in the interview and staying ahead in the completion. Be it any competitive exams, or job interviews a person with confidence is bound to outshine and therefore we at Study Spectrum lay emphasis on overall personality development. We not only sharpen your mind, and work on improving your skillsets, but also brush up your personality to inculcate confidence in you to face the world.

Assured results

Study Spectrum is known for its free training courses in different areas of education. We provide the most extensive range of free education modules through online lessons. Beside academic support to the students, our counselling services have been doing wonders for years. We mentored so many students in realizing their area of interest and ultimate goal in life. We bring in versatility in our services to support students of various domains to make in big in their career. Our counsellors have proven record of delivering assured results. Enroll with us and you will not regret.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We have designed our consultancy services to deliver you 100% satisfaction with our work. We offer you our best support in the process of being successful in your career and life at large. Our process is scientific and personalized. Irrespective of the fields you wish to explore, our counsellors can guide you, give you best advice to follow in order to chase your dream effectively. Our result-oriented approach, training services, along with professional assistance ensure guaranteed satisfaction.

Know thyself

As a student the biggest challenge is self-discovery and acceptance. Most of the students often feel directionless at the initial phase of their life. They do not realize their aspirations. We help students to know themselves. Make them aware of their strengths, weakness, and interests. Once they discover themselves, it becomes lot easier for them to channelize their energy and effort at the right direction. Knowing one's true potential help them become focused and more organized. This also allows us in bringing out the best in them and guide them better.

Right career Guidance

With changing time, now a student has a plethora of career options to choose from and the list continues to grow every day. With new demand generation emerges new career opportunities, which the common people are not even always aware of. But our counsellors stay abreast of every industry updates, evolving career and job opportunities, new streams and their scope, innovative study techniques etc. Therefore, our counselors can very effectively advise and guide the students with right information in selecting the right career path and add wings to their dreams to achieve them.


via our students and families

The counselling session provided at Study Spectrum is excellent. The counsellor is quite patient and friendly, which made me comfortable and the experience worthwhile. The engagement with both the students and their parents is what makes this unique. Highly recommended.

Soma Mondol

Mother of Kishan Mondol

The career counselling session was not only informative, but helped me understand more about my kid's ideal career path. This is the first time we experienced counselling and the session with my son was handled really well. Thank you for all the support.

Aditya Shetye

Father Of Sagar Shetye

Happy to be a part of a well-organized career counselling session. It helped my daughter make the right choice about her career based on her skills and abilities. The sessions were one-on-one and various factors were discussed along with answers to parent's queries.

Avinash Sokhi

Father Of Shubham Sokhi

Career counselling from Study Spectrum not only boosted my son's confidence but helped him have a clear understanding of what he wishes to do in the future. The counsellor went out of the way to help my son with behaviour development as well.

Ayush Adhikari

Father Of Amogh Adhikari

Me as a parent will recommended the counselling sessions by Study Spectrum to every student who is confused about the wide career options available. Both my kids had a similar issue and were in a dilemma about the path to choose. The session provided them with a clarity and direction and I couldn't be more thankful.

Jasmeet Kaur

Mother of Janvi Singh

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