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Join our online classes by expert teachers who teach concepts and subjects from basics. Small batches, weekly tests and special doubt session every weekend are some of the key benefits of online classes. We also provide recorded lectures of these classes on YouTube and our website for free.

Students joining our online classes also get free access to our daily practice test series where they sharpen their knowledge. We also conduct weekly tests and parent teachers meeting every month to track performance. In addition to academic teaching, we also prepare students for competitive exams like JEE, NEET among others. Try our two demo classes before you make your mind to join for the whole year.

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Why Register for Online Classes

In these trying times of Corona, education has taken a big hit and will continue to do so for some time. Online classes are the best options for students to continue with education. Below are some of the reason, why you should register for our online classes.

Teachers from premier institutes

A teacher's contribution in a student's growth is paramount. Thus, choosing them wisely is critical for the parents. At Study Spectrum, we have faculty from premier institutes like IITs and NITs. They bring with them 15 years of rich knowledge and teaching experience. Highly rated and recommended by students and parents, these teachers have successfully crafted the future of many talents in last five years with us. Every student is different and calls for special attention. Our teachers cater to all their individual needs, nurture them with care and dedication.

Our teachers have been with us for last 5 years and are highly vetted by students and parents for their teaching.

Focus on Basics

Likewise, a great future cannot be ascertained if the base is weak. We at Study Spectrum, thus, focuses on strengthening the basics of what we teach. We laid emphasis on clarity of concepts, correct interpretation, and in-depth subject matter expertise. Our excellent faculty goes to the roots and help students understand the background, theories and ideas grasp well. Our scientific method of study not only enable student to learn faster but also with complete clarity on the subjects. Our faculty is there to help clear doubts, as many times a student wants.

Low cost of teaching

We understand, the student today is the nation's future, tomorrow. Therefore, we promote and emphasis on affordable education with no compromise on the quality. At a time when education is increasingly becoming a commodity, Study Spectrum offers low cost teaching starting from Rs 400 per hour which further reduces if enrolled for batches. With us, be assured about best quality online education at minimum fee. We have varied cost for varied teaching programs available with us.

Our cost of teaching is as low as Rs 400 per hour for you and if you register for our batch, this price decreases further. At a very small fee we provide you the best quality education through online.

Special doubt session on weekends

We conduct special sessions on weekends for students to connect freely with the teachers and clear their concepts, and doubts. Through prior intimation slots can be taken on a mutually convenient time. Besides virtual classes, we also provide physical classrooms to extend these doubt sessions if required. You can plan your timing for the doubt clearing sessions easily with the tutors and solve your problems with no hesitation. Our teachers are always happy to help and assist you.

Regular PTM to discuss performance

We also have monthly parent teacher discussion for you to track the progress of your kids. Connect with the teachers directly and understand how your ward is doing.

We understand the concerns parents have about their kid's education. We want to keep the parents well-informed about progress their child is making at every step. Hence, we hold a regular visit or virtual meet with parents. There we listen, discuss, and understand the views and concerns of the parents and inform, highlight, or escalate the things that important for the progress of the students. This also makes a good opportunity for the parents and teachers to connect on regular interval for complete transparency.

Recorded lectures are available online

All the recorded lectures are made available online you can access easily. These lectures can be accessed for free anytime online and will be very helpful for you to refer back.

For the ease of our students, we have the online platform available where they can get the lectures of every class saved in the repository to go back and refer whenever they want. This helps in clearing doubts and revise the day's learnings and most of all it helps those who miss some part of the class and want to bounce back on track. All enrolled students will have access to this channel.

Regular tests

Not just regular teaching, we also provide regular online tests for you. Both objective and subjective test papers are shared on weekly basis for you to check your progress. These tests can be easily accessed and submitted online. Your performance in the tests is evaluated by our teachers and feedback provided to you.

Regular assessment is necessary to monitor the progress of the students. So, not just mentoring, or teaching, we do take regular online tests for the students. It also helps them to be ready with their curriculum at all time. This leaves no room for lag. Both objective and subjective test papers are shared on weekly basis to determine the likely performance. These tests can be easily accessed and submitted via online. The performances are evaluated by our teachers and for each test a through feedback is provided to the students and their parents.

Prepare for competitive exams

We not only build a strong foundation, but also help the students be future-ready. We have our special programs that entail to JEE, NEET aspirants. We prepare them, groom them for the next leg of their qualification. Along with the school curriculum we also provide foundation training for these competitive exams. Early stat to preparing for these exams can give the students better chance to qualify. Regular online tests can also be a good analyzer to understand the preparedness for the national level competitive exams for higher technical study. Along with the school curriculum we also provide JEE and NEET Foundations? Prepare for the exams that you will have to appear once the corona scar goes away. Make the best of the time by studying online.

Guaranteed results

With Study Spectrum, the students are bound to secure top results through effective online classes. We promise for a marked improvement in performance within a short span of time. Our teachers have been delivering top results for the last 15 years across the country, all through digital medium. Do not let your kids waste any more time and simply register for the online classes today. Our online platform is also evolving on daily basis and we will surely extend the benefits to you if you register for our online classes.

We guarantee you top results through our online classes. You will see an improvement in your performance. Our teachers have been delivering top results for the last 15 years everywhere in the country and are doing now online.

Do not let the kids waste any more time and simply register for the online classes today. Our online platform is also evolving on daily basis and we'll surely pass the benefits to you for free only if you are registered with our online classes.


via our students and families

The teachers at Study Spectrum are not only skilled and hardworking but are quite friendly and encourage the child to do better. I am happy that my son is enjoying his online classes as he learns and stays engaged throughout the session. Thanks to you that my child is able to study at home in a safe environment.

Sidharth Kale

Father of Rajiv Kale

My son joined the online classes at Study Spectrum a few months back, and he is happy with the routine of his classes. He looks forward to the classes everyday as he gets personalized attention. We as parents are very much happy.

Harshal Patil

Father of Smita Patil

I would really like to thank as well as appreciate the teachers at Study Spectrum for preparing my daughter for her competitive exams. With a simple approach and friendly mentors, these sessions really helped my daughter understand her potential. Must for kids who are preparing for JEE.

Srijal Anand

Mother of Deb Anand

The tutors at Study Spectrum were of great help as they covered all the core academic subjects efficiently. I am really happy to have chosen their online classes for my son, and planning to do so for my younger one as well.

Tushar Gupta

Father of Jeet Gupta

Very helpful. My son used to fear math but he is now in love with the subject, all thanks to the online classes at Study Spectrum. As the timings are flexible, it helps my son to take the classes along with his regular school and from home. Highly recommended.

Colin Pereira

Father of Angella Pereira

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