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Study spectrum is the best platform and a marvellous opportunity for the teachers to live their passion of teaching online. Study spectrum makes it a wonderful ride for the teachers to teach the students and feel the immense satisfaction. All the teachers who are passionately willing to teach should sign up with study spectrum to avail the benefits. Let us also look forward to know the benefits of signing up with study spectrum as a teacher or why should a teacher sign up with study spectrum.


Study spectrum provides a favourable ecosystem for the teachers to manifest their educational calibre and talent. Sign up with study spectrum to be a part of this ecosystem.


Study spectrum is a network of thousands of students and teachers. It provides you a simple and easy connect with the target students. The students you are searching for, are already searching for you here. Sign up with study spectrum as a teacher by building your profile and simply connect with the students via mail or phone calls.

Sharpen Your Axe

Along with the students, teachers can also refer to the free tutorials and educational material available on the website and sharpen their axe, their teaching skills. Sign up with the most famous platform of study spectrum to sharpen your skills and knowledge.

Let the Hunt Begin

It is so wonderful experience to sign up with study spectrum that students search for you and you need not find students to teach. It provides you with ample of students to teach without any efforts to search for the students. Sign up online with study spectrum as a teacher and let the hunt of students begin for you.


By signing up with study spectrum as a teacher you can get the benefit of transparent and easy payment options available with study spectrum. If you sign up with study spectrum as a teacher you can directly contact the students and parents searching for your services and start the teaching process. you will receive easy and timely payment with study spectrum and need not follow for your dues.

The Best

Study spectrum is the best platform for the teachers to express and utilise their teaching skills and talent. It provides exposure for the teachers to live and earn well with their potential skill of teaching. Sign up with study spectrum to be a proud teacher of the best platform. As you are surrounded by many such platforms that offer you easy money while working online or work from home opportunities, it must be a challenging task to choose the right platform. Study spectrum is the best opportunity if you are really passionate about teaching and education industry. Sign up now with study spectrum if you are looking for the best teaching assignments and polish your teaching skills.


Please provide your information to help us serve you better

We are running a rat race to earn more and more money. Why not? Inflation is on rise day by day and people’s salary still do not get corresponding hike. Good job is still a challenge for many educated youth, women and old retired people as well. Everyone wants to earn an “EXTRA” amount. Earning a little more makes them, work a lot more. People have their own challenges and then to work this extra it takes really lot of efforts and some are still left devoid of any such opportunity. It is often said, “education and learning never goes waste” and it is so true.


We have learnt a lot from the education system and teaching is the best way to pay it off and earn this little extra money to add to our piggy bank. Teaching is a real fun and an art to enjoy. It gives immense satisfaction to give what we have. In return we also get financially rewarded. What can be as easy and simple as teaching students and revising our own knowledge? It is off course a huge responsibility of the future of the students and needs great dedication and enthusiasm to teach. Some can find it even difficult to have that spare time to teach but housewives, students and retired members of the society who are passionate about education can avail this beautiful opportunity.


Good news for those who are very passionate and willing to teach but due to lack of proper time they are unable to fulfil this desire of teaching. Online teaching is emerging as a new industry and the easiest way to earn money online. The teacher can teach online according to their comfort zone sitting far apart from the student. There is no restriction and inhibition about time and distance. Online teaching is the best opportunity to earn online and add that little extra amount in your pocket.


It is true that online teaching is the easiest way to work online in accordance with our comfort and rules but it also requires some preparation to start teaching online. Let us find out what all it takes to be a teacher online and start earning.

  • INTERNET CONNECTION: An internet connection is the foremost requirement with good speed and proper bandwidth. A good internet connection will make your experience of online teaching smooth and joyful.
  • ONLINE WHITEBOARDS: In the digital world of online teaching, online white boards are used in place of the traditional black boards you must have seen in your schools.
  • CLOUD STORAGE: You need cloud storage services like Google drive to share your training resources with the students to make your online teaching more effective.
  • MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: Software to manage your classes and schedules is also required for the smooth functioning of your online teaching classes.
  • PLATFORM: The most important thing is a platform at which you can meet the students and start the process of online teaching and learning.
  • MARKETTING: From where will you get your target students? For this you need to market your profile and know some online marketing tools like making and promoting your website, writing blogs or email campaigning to flourish your online teaching services. You must be thinking if all this easy then what is difficult and challenging. I have a solution for all your queries. If you do not wish to follow these steps, you can simply sign up with some good online coaching website and start teaching with just a few simple steps.