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Our online test series is highly recommended by teachers, schools and education experts for practice by students to improve their academic performance. It is highly flexible with lots of options provided for students to decide on which topic and subtopic to test themselves along with the difficulty levels. The MCQ based test is assessed immediately and the scoring and the results of same are also provided once you submit the paper. For subjective test paper, you have to answer it on white paper and share the scanned files to us for evaluation.

With our online test series you will be able to identify areas that you need to work on and perform well in academics. The questions in the online test series are prepared by our expert teachers from IIT and NITs who have tremendous amount of experience in teaching. The questions in test series are updated regularly to keep it as per the latest exam patterns.


via our students and families

The online test series of Study Spectrum covered many tricky problems and made it easy for me to understand where I lack. The tests helped me work on my accuracy and speed and to know the exam pattern well. It was worth my time, and I really found it helpful.

Priynashu Sharma

Online Student

A must try for every student out there. If you wish to practise and score good in the final exam, the online test series of Study Spectrum are of great help. You can understand your weak areas and work harder on them. Thank you.

Akshit Dadhwal

Online Student

As a parent I was quite not confident when my kid spoke to me about online test series. But I was surprised that it was more like a revision platform and is designed by the experts to give the students an actual feel of the exam. Highly recommended.

Girish Pant

Father of Ravi Pant

Being a homeschooled kid, it was hard to keep a track of my progress. The online tests really helped me train myself to answer the questions with attentiveness. It is easy to train yourself with different aspects of the exam this way. Do give it a try.

Prateek Umale

Online Student

The online test series at Study Spectrum follow the latest exam pattern. I also found many questions that needed me to think out of the box, helping me improve my skills. I can say that this is actually one of the best test series I came across online.

Sagar Najkani

Online Student

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