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Our online test series is highly recommended by teachers, schools and education experts for practice by students to improve their academic performance. It is highly flexible with lots of options provided for students to decide on which topic and subtopic to test themselves along with the difficulty levels. The MCQ based test is assessed immediately and the scoring and the results of same are also provided once you submit the paper. For subjective test paper, you have to answer it on white paper and share the scanned files to us for evaluation.

With our online test series you will be able to identify areas that you need to work on and perform well in academics. The questions in the online test series are prepared by our expert teachers from IIT and NITs who have tremendous amount of experience in teaching. The questions in test series are updated regularly to keep it as per the latest exam patterns.

Advantages of online test series

There are a lot of test series available online but we offer you the best. Let’s look at some of the reasons, why you should take our test series.

Online Test Series for students

Customize your test

Test as per your requirement

Made Easy Test Series

Quick evaluation & assessment

Immediate results and learning gap analysis

Online Test Series

Cost effective

We provide the cheapest online test series

Customize your test

You can select various parameters to customize your online test. You can select the sub topics on which you want to be tested and mix them as per your requirement.

This allows you to focus extensively on specific parts of a topic and understand where you need to work on. Each topic in a subject is carefully subdivided into subtopics and you can select them as per your convenience.

Quick evaluation & assessment

The multiple choice based online test gets evaluated instantaneously and we even provide answers to the questions you might have answered incorrectly. The questions come with allotted marks and you get the results immediately.

For subjective based tests, you get a question paper which you need to print and then answer on a clean white A4 paper. Once done, scan the paper and upload it for us to review. Our examiners will check the paper and mail it back to you. The whole process takes up to 48 hours from the time you upload the answer sheet.

The tests give a good opportunity for students to revise the chapters and find gaps in their preparedness which they can cover in time. The questions in test series come up very randomly to make sure no specific patterns are followed to prepare you for any surprises in exams.

With the online test series on Study Spectrum, students can prepare themselves very easily for the real life exam and ace it.

Cost effective

Our online test series are highly cost effective and the charges for the same get reflected depending on the parameters you select. The cost per test series is the lowest in market keeping the level of questions in mind.

Made Easy Online Test Series

Security and confidentiality

Results and performances are kept confidential

Textbook Online Test Series

Flexible time schedule

Take test as per your convenience

Online Mock Test

Accuracy and fair evaluation

Test series made by acclaimed teachers

Security and confidentiality

We do not share your results with anyone else. Only you can access the results of these tests after you login into Study Spectrum. The results stay in our system for an year and you can check how you performed again and again.

Flexible time schedule

You do not have to rush for the tests and can take them at your own convenience. If you start a test and for some reason want to postpone it to a later date, simply don’t provide the answer and prepare again. You can again come back to the test later when you are prepared and give your best shot.

The test would be waiting in your account just like that.

Accuracy and fair evaluation

The evaluation of tests is fair and vetted by expert teachers in the industry. The teachers behind the test series are from premier institutes like IITs and NITs.

The evaluation of the subjective test series is done with complete sincerity with proper feedback and suggestions.

Free Online Test Series

Save the paper for later

Take test as per your timing and flexibility

Best Test Series For Students

Improve speed

Rapid tests to improve the speed

Free Online Mock Test

Boost confidence

Boost the morale of student with easy preparations

Save the paper for later

Unlike your physical exams the test series gets saved on your profile for future viewing as long as you have an account with us. This does not incur any additional cost from your end.

Improve speed

With our online tests you can increase the speed on answering papers. This helps students a lot in real life exams and prepares you to top them. The test makes you do a lot of calculations in mind which is essential to increase the speed of answering.

Boost confidence

With our online test series your confidence level gets boosted and makes you prepared for the actual exams. Students have reported an increase in motivation level after trying out our tests.

What our users say

The video tutorials shared on Study Spectrum platform help my kids study at peace from home. Each and every topic is covered in detail, and the team ensures to answer the queries without any delay. I am really glad to have found a platform that shared educational videos without charging a fee.

Mr. Siddheshwar Singh

Father of Ritu Shri

Thanks to Study Spectrum, I was able to find an experienced tutor for my daughter. The process was easy and we had an option to choose from the tutors available in our city. The team personally contacted us to know our requirements and helped us find the best tutor in no time.

Mrs Maya Sharma

Mother of Tanu Sharma

Study Spectrum provides chapter wise online tests in all subjects for Grade 10. The questions in the test are helpful for the students as they help them prepare for CBSC Class 10 board exams, and other competitive exams as well. The question papers are well designed and are on par with the CBSC standards.

Mr. Arun Aggarwal

Father of Alisha Aggarwal

The online test question papers for Grade 10 provided by Study Spectrum were of great help to my son. The tests covered all the important questions and a few common questions that were asked in the previous year test papers. Thanks to the team for providing a good number of online tests for Grade 10 students to practice.

Mrs Usha Shukla

Mother of Siddhant Shukla

Choosing the online counseling session for my kids from Study Spectrum was one of the best decisions I made regarding their career. Both my kids, who are in Grade 8 and Grade 10 were able to evaluate themselves and the counseling session helped identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Mr. Mohit Lal Singh

Father of Ratan Singh

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