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Register with study spectrum to avail benefits like free video tutorials, connecting with teachers, online test series, daily practice test and many more. Students, teachers and coaching class can register themselves by identifying themselves to avail the benefits so designed for them. We are the top sought after website and YouTube channel in education sector providing lots of benefits for students, parents, teachers and coaching classes. We request you to subscribe to our YouTube channel and also share the name of the website and channel with friends and family members.

Study spectrum is the best platform and a marvellous opportunity for the teachers also. They can live their passion of teaching online and be satisfied immensely. All the teachers who are passionately willing to teach should sign up with study spectrum to avail the benefits.

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A strong Network

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Educational Ecosystem

Study Spectrum strives to redefine the conventional teaching method and provides a favorable ecosystem for the teachers to manifest their educational caliber and talent. Sign up with study spectrum to be a part of this ecosystem today and trust us you will not regret. We extend adequate support to the teaching professionals to live their passion and increase their earnings. Our platform works as a bridge between students and teachers and help find each other conveniently.

We are always on the look out to innovate our medium to add more possibilities to grow and nurture talent. We have different modules of teaching where you can select the subject you want to teach basis your qualification. Location and time are no bar.

A strong Network

Study spectrum has a strong network of students and teachers. It empowers the teaching professionals with a simple and easy medium to connect with the target students. The students you are searching for, are already there in our platform in search of you and the number is constantly growing. With us you will not limit yourself to your nearby locations only. With online study module, students across India await you. More the opportunities, more the benefits. We have also built a strong network of teachers over time and helped many create an identity for themselves who were not getting the right platform to start their journey.

So, why wait? Sign up with Study Spectrum as a teacher by creating your profile and simply connect with students via mail or phone calls.

Free Video tutorial

Along with the students, teachers can also refer to the free tutorials and educational material available on the website and sharpen their axe, their teaching skills. Visual aids are in trend and has taken the education industry by storm. Its increasing popularity has replaced the conventional form of study in more ways than one. Now students prefer watching videos than reading a book to learn and gather quick knowledge. With plenty of video resources available online, it has become lot easier. At Study Spectrum too, we emphasize on videos, not only for the students but also for the teachers. Our diverse collection of video tutorials can be referred to for free of cost. We also have educational materials available on the website to sharpen teaching skills and knowledge. The tutorials are insightful and throw light on varied aspects of the overall development of a student.

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We Connect teachersand students

We at Study Spectrum, create a wonderful experience for both the students and the tutors. To expand the student base or to hire an abled mentor, we mostly rely on recommendations. It becomes challenging, however, to find one as it takes a lot of our effort and time. But with Study Spectrum, the biggest advantage is that the students themselves search for you and you need not to look for them to teach. Basis the profile you create, students can filter out teachers to match their requirements and connect with you. This way, it enables you with ample opportunities to connect with new students without much hassle. So, sign up online with Study Spectrum as a teacher and let the hunt for students begin for you.

Transparency and Equality

At Study Spectrum, we believe in 100% transparency and equality. Thus, from the very beginning we ensure there is no room for confusion or ambiguity. Our signing up process is fairly simple, so is the payment. We make sure the rules & regulations and policies pertaining to enrollment, payment, or tuition opportunities are made clear to every individual before onboarding them. For any clarification, you get complete assistance by our team. We do not play the mediator. Once you sign up with us as a teacher, you get direct access to the students. You are provided with their numbers and you can proceed to contact the students and their parents directly to provide your services. If everything goes well, you can simply start the teaching process. This gives you ample freedom to explore the opportunities and decide the best possible options for yourself.

The Best platform for education

Study spectrum is the best platform for the teachers to capitalize their teaching skills, talent, and passion. We give the teaching professionals the exposure they deserve to make use of their skillset and earn at the same time. We are well-connected with students across grades in different cities with varied requirements. With us, you will never have any dearth of opportunities. Being surrounded by so many platforms available online offering you easy money through online work from home, it is a challenge to select the right platform from the clutter. If you are passionate about teaching and want to make a career in the education industry, we can assure you with the best opportunity with a hassle-free experience. Sign up now with Study Spectrum for the best teaching assignments and brush up your teaching skills as a professional.

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