Profile of Naana

Online English Tutor

Study Spectrum

Languages - English,

Address - Orange Street - Mission Link; Crane Lane, Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana


Board : English Classes

Class : 30minutes per class

Subject : English Language

Mode : Online

Hourly Rate : Everyday

About Naana

With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Linguistics accompanied by my TEFL certification, I am qualified to teach English to speakers of other languages. My hobbies are swimming, listening to music, sightseeing, and I also love trying out new dishes. Since I began teaching, I've developed a passion for teaching and always work hard at getting my students to understand. I believe teaching English should be made as fun and interesting as possible with lots of congratulations and corrections where necessary Because it is a great language and everyone can be creative with it. I get excited about sharing my experiences with others. I am devoted to my role, and as such, I take joy in seeing my student improve. Thus, I will use the best teaching methods to enable me to help my students achieve their study goals. Lastly, I am willing and excited to teach English to anyone who is interested in learning this language. See you in my class ... Cheers!


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