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You can easily hire tutors near you for your studies requirement by filling up a simple for on our website. The details in the form are then shown to teachers near you who reach out to you to discuss your requirement. You can check their credentials and ask for few demo classes. Once you are happy and satisfied with the classes, you can hire the tutor to continue further. The financial understanding is completely between you and the teacher and we do not charge or influence this in any way. Hiring tutors had never been this easy. So simple fill a form and hire a tutor from pool we have today.

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Why hire a tutor from Study Spectrum?

Study Spectrum is a well-established and highly recognized educational website having a good pool of tutors. These tutors are well experienced and masters of their respective subjects. Our most appraised and recognized support is the tutoring service. We facilitate in connecting you with the best tutors in the desired subjects and classes in a very easy manner.

There are various other reasons to choose our services which are given below.

Hire tutors in India

Teachers are available for everything

Anything and everything you want to learn

Hire tutors as per preference

Hire tutors as per your preferences

Hire the kind of teacher that your prefer

Hire a tutor near you

Huge list of teachers

Show your requirement to a huge base

Teachers are available for everything

Different students, different requirements. But we cater to all. With us, you will never run out of options to choose from. We have a great line up of teachers with varied range of skillsets and expertise. With us, you can get anything and everything you want to learn. Our teachers are there to assist you. They come from different educational background and prior teaching experience with renowned institutes. Therefore, they mentor the students with abled guidance according to individual needs.

Hire teachers as per your preference

All our tutors are highly experienced and qualified in their respective fields of expertise. They provide best tuition support, teach you everything in a very professional but friendly way. You will find it much easier with our teachers to clear your doubts and concepts. The faculties are selected after determining their teaching capabilities and thorough process of evaluation. All of them were serving different big schools and training institutes before joining us. So, there is no need to worry about the quality of education.

Huge list of teachers

We have a long list of teachers on board with us and we keep on enrolling new tutors to the platform. We want to ensure quality education and thus we take the teachers’ bandwidth into consideration. We do not want to bombard them with too many students and divide their focus. We at Study spectrum thrives at enhancing the education system with innovative approach towards the tuition services. Thus, even our faculty selection criteria are quite stringent. We also keep exchanging feedback with the teachers.

Hire tutors for home tuition

Hire at your own rate

There is no minimal amount of fees

Hire tutors for free

Zero tutor hiring charges

We dont charge anyting for hiring

Hire tutors for your child

Only limited calls you will get

Connect with first 10 tutors only.

Hire at your own rate

You have all the freedom in the world to hire tutors at your own rate. There is no limit of any kind from us.

We promote education for all. Money should never come in the way of education. We have students who belong to different socio-economic background coming from small to large cities. Therefore, we have not standardized the tuition fee. Pay what your pocket permits. With us when you hire a tutor, you have all the freedom in the world to discuss, agree and hire at your own rate. There is no such limit defined by us. It is upto the discretion of the teacher and your requirement. Rate may vary from one tutor to the other.

Zero tutor hiring charges

Its absolutely free to post your requirement.

We do not charge anything extra for our service. We work as a bridge between the students and the teachers. We act a platform to connect you, let you post your requirement at absolutely free of cost, provide you with phone numbers. Further, you are free to proceed, speak to multiple teachers and finalize whom you like against a tuition fee you mutually agree upon. We are nowhere a part of this entire selection process. Rest assured that no extra or hidden cost is involved in hiring a tutor.

Only limited calls you will get

Connect with first 10 tutors only afterthat the requirement will be automatically close. This is to ensure that you are nto flooded with calls for a very long time. If you are not able to close the requirement in the 10 calls, you can post it again on the website. This time with more specific details to get the perfect teacher.

We have a long list of tutors enrolled with us. We give you the opportunity to connect with any 10 tutors from the list. Once you exceed that count, the requirement gets automatically closed. We do not like to keep a single request open-ended for long. We also never encourage one request holder being flooded with too many calls. Thus, we have the option to post a fresh request on our website with more specific details to get the perfect teacher. if you are unable to close your requirement within the said limit.

What parents say

Study Spectrum is a great platform to find experienced private tutors. I found them professional, and very passionate about teaching. I had unpleasant experience in past, but I am glad that I finally found the right teacher for my child whom I can trust my child’s future with.

Mr. Jibin Vargehse

Father of Biju

No hiring charges, no minimum tuition fee. I hired a tutor for my child through Study Spectrum in the rate I wanted. I am very satisfied with the teacher and the way of her teaching. I know my kid is in the safe hands now.

Mrs Shilpi Giri

Mother of Ritu

My son needs special attention when it comes to study, and my work schedule do not permit me to devote enough time for that. Therefore, I was in search of a tutor who would give him that personalized attention and care who would guide and mentor him. With Study Spectrum, I got many such teachers with excellent academic records and teaching experience. I am glad to find the best for my son. Thanks study spectrum for making my life easy.

Mr. Vishwanatah Saxena

Father of Sanjay

My child is picking up fast ever since I have appointed the new tutor from Study Spectrum. The teacher is friendly and always available to assist my kid in doubts and confusion. My child is playfully learning and growing. Thanks for providing such methodical quality education.

Mrs Sheetal Voora

Mother of Kamlesh

Looking for private tutors? My advice to the parents would be to try Study Spectrum once. You have so many profiles to choose from. Filter though the registered tutors, check their experience, education qualification and reach out to them. It is simple & affordable. The best part is Study Spectrum does not play mediator in the payment process. You get to deal with the teachers directly.

Mrs. Himanshi Puri

Mother of Arvind

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