How to Choose a Career?

How to Choose a Career?

How to choose a career – Let’s Look at Some of the Things, You need to consider while Choosing the Right Career for you.

Professional can be seen changing career stream very often nowadays and stability in the job is a luxury for many. Of all the reasons that compel them to do, choosing a career path when they completed their education is an important one. One wrong decision at an early stage has a lot of impact in our lives as we look to settle down in careers. Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions we have to take. The question gets more complicated with the high number of choices available in life which makes the decision making process ore lengthy. The answers to such a question can be very confusing to students and yet every input you need to take the decision is in your mind.

How to Choose a Career path:

Know thyself

This is one of the most talked of and least understood of advice when it comes to choosing the right career. You should be aware of your strengths, weakness, what you like, dislike what you want to achieve in life and many more such questions. This helps to get a better idea of what you are and what fits or does not fit you.

How to choose a career

Evaluate yourself

You might want to categorize yourself into an introvert or an extrovert, a reactive or a proactive person and many more such categories. Remember, each category has its own pros and cons and you need not be biased when doing a self-assessment.

This is exactly what career counselors do. They are experts in various fields of career and all they need to know is about you. They start asking questions which give them a good idea of what you are and on the basis of that, they make their recommendations.

What are the options?

Make a list of options available in life and you can start removing the ones that do not fit you. You can remove career paths you are not considered strong in it or do not interest you. Remove the ones you are not able to fulfill the educational requirements of or have weak outlooks. You can divide the list into categories that you know fully, half or have absolutely no idea. With this, the number of options will start reducing as you start exploring every option of looking for a good fit.

Analyze each career path

While exploring each option, look for job descriptions, training requirements and certifications to achieve. This will give an idea of what it takes to reach the top in the particular career path and whether you should take it or not.

On the basis of the options and your analysis, create a short list that you think is suitable for you. By this time the number of options in the list would have come down to around 10 and will be manageable for you.

Connecting yourself to the options

The list was made in your opinion of the career choices and about yourself. This part requires you to connect with the options and see how well you fit, from others perspective. You can ask for advice from a career counselor, parents, seniors, and elders or even teachers.

People in the Career Option

Meeting people who are actually in the career choice is a good option. Look for questions like are you comfortable working on a computer for hours or are you a fan of talking and convincing people.

What does this person goes through the whole day and would I be comfortable in doing similar kind of work? Soon you will get answers that will help you decide the right career choice.

Whatever be the decision, follow your heart and be realistic in it. Career decisions are basically preparing you for a long haul and you need to have the stamina to endure the journey as well as have an interest in it.

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