Best Educational Videos for Students Best Educational Videos for Students

Best Educational Videos for Students

Best Educational Videos for Students

Online education has taken a lion share in the education sector with students consuming a lot of educational videos abundantly available online. In fact, video-based lectures are the latest trends in education cutting across geographies and biases that impacted education earlier. A lot of players have entered the highly unorganized sector with all claiming to provide the best educational videos for students.

Table of Content

  • Best sites providing educational videos for kids
    • Study spectrum
    • Peekaboo Kidz
    • It’s OK To Be Smart
    • Homeschool Pop
    • WordWorld
    • SciShow
    • TED-Ed
    • Free School
    • Kids Learning Videos
    • Math & learning videos 4 Kids
  • What makes a good educational video channel?
    • Cognitive domain
    • Affective domain
    • Psychomotor domain
  • How to select the best education channel for your kids?
    • The platform the channel uses
    • Topic range and content
    • Creativity in the video channel
    • Compatible with the curriculum
    • Size and length of the videos
    • The production quality of the videos
    • The conversational style of the narrator in the channel
    • The enthusiasm of the education channel
    • Guiding questions and revisions to concepts
    • Engagement in the videos

The tuitions classes have also moved online and provided online coaching now to cover bigger markets; overcoming the barrier of distance and time. The online free educational video is one of the most effective sources of instruction used by teachers for the effective delivery of the topics.

Online Learning Platforms for Kids

Although there are thousands of online players in the domain, we found below to be the best in providing online educational videos for kids.

Study Spectrum

Study Spectrum provides educational videos for classes 6- 12 and covers all subjects for the Indian education system. The videos are made by teachers from premier institutes like IITs and NITs with more than 15 years of experience in the education sector. The YouTube channel has roughly 30 thousand loyal followers and gets thousands of clicks on a daily basis.

For students between classes 6- 12

If you are looking for a YouTube channel that is based on curriculum and helps as additional support to classroom teaching, this is the one.

Peekaboo Kidz

This animation-based channel provides answers to hundreds of trivial questions that one does not give a thought to. Examples of the videos include – “why do we blink” or “Why do we forget”. Ideal for kids below class 6 who find a good connection through the use of cartoons.

For students below class 6

It’s OK To Be Smart

With more than 3 million subscribers, this channel is good for grown-up kids. The channel explains small concepts using images and a bit of animation in a fun way. Small concept clearances will help students to perform well in their studies. It dwells on the future with videos like – “Will we eat bugs in the future” and somewhat unorthodox questions like “Why birds don’t lay square eggs”.

For students between classes 8 – 10

Homeschool Pop

This YouTube channel provides highly random educational videos for kids using voice-over on images. It does not cover any specific pattern but hovers around topics that might just interest kids. Kids will love the channel to know about random topics like “turtle for kids”.

For students below class 8


This video channel is for nursery kids and maybe for students who are below class 2. They provide animation-based rhymes kind of videos that engage and educate students. Not any curriculum-based but a nonsensical circus of animals interacting with each other. The educational videos introduce kids to the animal world in a fun way.

For nursery kids


This science-based YouTube channel provides new science concepts to students. The educational videos bring interest in students pursuing science as they bring new thoughts and concepts in clean video formats.

With more than 6 million subscribers, the channel gets a good response from online viewers.

For students between classes 8 – 12

video tutorials for students


With more than 11 million subscribers, the channel uses really cool animations to provide answers to some questions that students especially those pursuing science and humanity should ask. The channel should be commended for the excellent use of animations to explain the concepts.

For students between classes 6- 12

Free School

This channel uses video-based teaching with a nice voice-over to explain concepts to students. The educational videos in this YouTube channel answer random questions like “how caves are made” which students will find interesting. It has around 3 lac followers on YouTube and gets a very good response too.

For students between classes 5- 8

Kids Learning Videos

This educational YouTube Channel provides animation, images, and videos to provide fun-based videos to kids. With nearly 300 K subscribers, it covers a lot of random grounds and would do good if it followed a specific pattern.

For kids below class 6

Math & learning videos 4 Kids

This educational YouTube Channel provides math and science concept clearing videos for students. Simple concepts like what is perimeter and how to measure it which students may find difficult to imagine get answered here. Good use of animation and images make the channel a treat for kids.

For students below class 4

Educational videos for teachers and students are a great tool for instructions that helps the teachers and students share their knowledge effectively and conveniently. In this interesting and exciting mode of instruction, the teachers select the important and challenging topics for making free educational videos for the students so that they can refer to them as many times as they want and can have a deep understanding of the topic. The educational videos for kids can include text, graphics, audio, video, and live presentations. The amalgam of text, pictures, audio, and video makes it easy and efficient for the students to understand the same concept from a different perspective. All the senses get involved together to make the learning process smooth.

Teaching Online

Teaching Online

Work as Tutor

What is Online Education

What makes a good educational video channel?

The most popular teaching toolkit of educational videos for students has three important elements. Any teaching and learning process has some set goals to achieve after the process of teaching. The three important aspects to be catered to in the process of teaching are a cognitive aspect, an effective aspect, and a psychomotor aspect. Let us understand their meaning and role in the teaching-learning process.

Cognitive domain

Cognitive domain deals with the concept itself, its knowledge and information. The main aim of the cognitive domain is to make the concept clear. The information or the topic should be clear to the student after watching the online YouTube educational videos available.

Affective domain

Affective domain aims at the engagement of the student and the student is made clear about how, why, if and buts. The student listens, responds and accepts the new knowledge.

Psychomotor domain

Psychomotor is the most important of all the three domains as it deals with the application of the skills and knowledge received. Until the students are able to apply the learned knowledge or skill, it is of no use. The online free educational videos must be framed in such a way that it helps the students to get information, engage the students and at last, the students are able to apply the learned experience in their life.

Online Test Series

Online Test Series

Hire Best Home Tutors

Hire Best Home Tutors

How to select the best education channel for your kids?

There is a boom in online educational videos for students on each and every topic. It is a challenging task to search and select the best online educational video for the students for effective learning. Here are some special features enlisted which will help you select the best videos from the plethora of options available.

The Platform the Channel uses

The base of any video is the platform on which it is built. Look for the best platform or website and learn from the most authentic and informative educational videos for students. You wouldn’t want your kids to get used to a platform that suddenly becomes paid and charges hefty money for you to view the educational videos.

Topic Range and Content

The second most vital feature is the topic range of the video. The video lectures must be useful and related to the need and standards of the student. The content should be enriched with complete information in the most interesting way to make learning fun.

A video channel that does not add much value and inclines toward killing time should be avoided.

Creativity in the Video Channel

The educational videos will be effective if they are designed in the most creative way to engage students. The difficult and challenging topics should be made interesting and easy for the students by integrating the creativity of the teacher.

Look for use of animation, images, and videos in the use of the channel. See how well they mix all these elements to provide you with the final video.

Compatible with the Curriculum

The educational videos for the students should meet the standard and levels of the target students. It should be compatible with the right audience. The tone and language must be in accordance with the target audience.

Educational videos that are aligned with the curriculum of students should be subscribed to first and then those that cover random questions.

Size and length of the videos

The length or the size of the video must not be too much to break the patience of the students. The educational videos for kids should be to the point, precise, and a complete package of information. Too lengthy videos will not be able to keep the concentration of the students tracked and focused.

However, they should not be too small to just browse through the concepts in a hurry, leaving more unanswered questions than answers.

The Production Quality of the Videos

The technical requirement like color, contrast, text accuracy, font size and style, graphics, audio, and video used should be in harmony with the context and also with each other. The production quality of the videos should be good enough to maintain the interest of students.

The conversational style of the narrator in the channel

The YouTube educational videos should be in a conversational tone so that it engages students' attention and involvement. The voice modulation should be proper with clear and comprehensive audio. The audio should be good with a strong and steady voice tone.

The Enthusiasm of the Education Channel

The educational videos for students should boost the interest of the student in learning. It should sound so enthusiastic that the student should be excited to learn. The enthusiasm level in the channel should pump up your kid and they should look forward to the next video.

Guiding Questions and Revisions to Concepts

Educational videos should start with some questions to revise the previous knowledge of the concept and then move ahead with the steps of guiding questions to clear all the doubts of the students. The education channel should not just cover random topics one after another with no connection between the videos.

Engagement in the Videos

Active participation of the student is necessary to maintain their interest level for quite some time. The video should use interactive features to engage the student in the process of learning. Sample questions that students can try their hands on at the end of the video could be one.

The videos should engage students productively and thus add value to them.

Education is a vast process and lets us make education a bit more interesting by including the online educational videos for students and teachers in our teaching-learning process. We often found parents complaining about the excess use of screens by the students. Let us make the effective use of technology like a screen in the educational growth of our children for their bright future.

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-- Study Spectrum

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