The Faults in Our Education System

The faults in our education system

Education works as a base for our future whether it is your higher studies or a job. Education is the best preparation to bring a better life for any individual. If the students are not filled with a quality education in their schools then it can cause difficulties during their college and other higher education courses. As a result, it will definitely affect the carrier of that student.  If you are also seeing your child is affected by the bad education system then you can go to the best tutor for tuition and tuition centers.

The government of every country including India always do amendments in the ongoing education programs and systems to improve the quality of education and its effectiveness. But the major problems infecting education system are still resulting in a bad effect on the studies and the life of students. India is one of the countries facing the problem with the education system.

Major faults in our education system

There are lots of faults in the education system of India but we will discuss the major faults and their effects on the students.

Fault in education system

  1. Our education system is focused on Memorization

Many countries from all around the world including India focus on memorizing the concept and qualify the examination on the basis of written answers. Students are guided to learn and memorize the concepts. This ideology eliminates the interest and ability to understand things more deeply. If your memory is good and you can feed the sentences fast in your mind when you are ready to clear the examination and sit in your next grade. This thing should be taken in a way that the students should be guided to observe the concepts and their exams should also be done by prioritizing practical skills rather than writing and memorizing.

  1. Low-Quality Institutions and Schools

Fault in education system

Low-quality institutions are playing their major role to grow the evil of bad education. There are lots of schools running in major cities without enough among good teachers and facilities for students. Many parents are allowing their students because of their easy fee structures.

It results in weak academic growth of students and hence causes a bad scope in the future. The government should take steps to stop these types of institutions to ensure the quality of education.

  1. Uninspiring and De-motivating Educators

An educator not only requires good teaching and education skills but they should have an inspiring approach towards their teaching strategies. They should be able to help the students to understand the importance of education. If an educator keeps teaching the student with no inspirational and technical approaches, the student will never be able to observe the things correctly. Parents should also take care of the school staffs and facilities too.

Most of the teacher thinks that they are getting a salary for their works. It does not matter for them if the students are getting a good education or not. The government should take steps to involve some methods to familiarize teachers with global teaching standards and techniques.

  1. Lack of Practical Education

Today’s education is totally concentrated to read books and write in the examination whatever you remembered. If the student gets good marks in the exam, he/she will not be able to do the same thing practically if asked to do so. Schools and colleges are not having good equipment and laboratories to perform and experience real-time practices.

  1. Lack of Personalization

Everyone has different brains and different observation capabilities but our education system is designed to teach every student with the same techniques and speed. Some are good to learn things fast on a visual basis and some in written basis. So, the students who are not able to observe the things quickly by reading the text written in their books are tagged as dumb students.

Schools and teachers should observe the interests and behaviors of the students and teach them according to it.

  1. Lack of Proper Infrastructure and environment

Most of the school and colleges do not have good buildings and other infrastructure to help the students to get a quality education. They do not have playgrounds, libraries, laboratories, workshops to ensure the overall effectiveness of approached courses and classes. The buildings of schools and colleges are situated in crowdy places that cause distractions. Management should take steps to improve its infrastructure.

  1. Lack of motivation

Students are always asked to read books forcefully by the teachers and their parents. Instead of forcing them, we should encourage and motivate them to learn things and tell them the detailed benefits of education. If someone is motivated in a correct way, it can change the overview of studying and result in good school and college performance.

  1. Our education system is focused on Jobs

This phrase is dedicated to colleges and universities. The higher studies and various professional courses are totally given to the students to just get a good job. They are taught with the basic treats to do a 9 to 5 job perfectly. Universities teach them how to become an employee.

If someone wants to do something related to his/her hobby, they are forced to learn something to get a good job. Everyone should be taught according to their hobbies and interests so that they can focus on their studies with zeal.


Children decide the future of a country and if the children are not educated enough to take big steps then the growth of a country is impossible to achieve. The government should take steps to improve the quality of study prior to anything else. Study Spectrum is providing professional tutors and tuition services to provide the mandatory merits to the students and we are sure that we are helping in the improvement of the education system in our country.


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