The faults in our education system

The faults in our education system

in every nook and corner give a glimpse of the blooming education system in India. Students also avail a lot of online classes and some hiring in the comfort of home. We Indians are very much focused on education and seemingly everything seems to be going well. Unfortunately, the picture is just a facade of a rotten system and it takes an insider to get a clear and complete picture. Starting from gurukuls, the education system in India has traversed to being taught online. Soon virtual reality may take it to a new height. But has the education system really changed? Or just the delivery of education adapted due to enormous money making opportunities?

The main purpose of education is to change the behavior of an individual. An engineering student should get the behavioral qualities of an engineer and similar for a medical or an art student. The focus shifted from providing behavior changes to ensuring bright futures under the pressure of parents and peers. Our society places the high value on education and prospects an educated mind might achieve.

The nerve center of all the problems in the system is centered on the shifted focal point of “behavioral changes”. If you bring back the focus, things will start reversing and we’ll get the education system we deserve. It will and generate more curious minds than money hungry souls. This will lead to creativity and solutions to many of our problems. The change may even correct the education system itself and align it to a bright future of humanity.

A step in this process is the educational videos which allows students to at their own pace and comfort. The focus here is not the test like the traditional educational institutes. It does not rank but teach topics and subjects and emphasizes on the value it delivers. This allows freedom from the performance pressure that students feel.

This mode of education needs to be pushed to address the educational institutes running after money and ignorance of parents looking for a shortcut to immediate success. Ask yourself, if the schools were good, why would so many tuitions and coaching centers mushroom like this. If colleges were good, why don’t we win laurels in research and other ? Had educational boards been effective, why would coaching classes mushroom like this? If the quality of students were good, why would corporate have a difficult time hiring them and cite reasons as “unemployable”? The reason for all this is the shift in focus from behavior a bright future.

With a view to amend this and do its part, study spectrum provides free educational videos to students. Students get high-quality video tutorials for free and do away with relying on tutors or coaching classes or even home tutors. Subjects like Maths and science are taught from basics and are easy to understand.

We bring the focus back on education and not on performance. Hope this changes the education system a bit.

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