How to Leave Social Media Addiction

How to Leave Social Media Addiction

How to leave social media addiction – Yester year kids learned how to play the guitar. We would love taking up the on swimming. A decade back, children were encouraged to learn ballet, hip-hop or even traditional forms of dance. You might work out for hours together at the gym. But sadly, with today’s social media addiction, hobbies seem to be taking a back seat. Youngsters and teenagers are endlessly getting hooked to their social media accounts.

Social media bullying is also becoming a leading cause of depression among adolescents. You can view your social media accounts once in a while. But you cannot afford to make it an obsession.

Letting you know 7 creative ways on how to leave social media addiction:

How to Leave Social Media Addiction

Get the notifications turned off

Every time, you get a notification alert via your buzz feed, you get distracted. You may want to run to your cell phone to see what or Twitter updates are. Again, this is a very easy way to get distracted too. As students or even job professionals, this kind of a social media addiction cannot be encouraged.

You get distracted from work or study. This way, you are barely able to finish the given tasks on time. Students hooked to video games or social media get poor grades. They are not able to do their homework daily. So you will have to get your mobile or laptop notifications switched off. As a parent, you can also place a parental lock on your ward’s social media accounts. This is a very good method to give up on social media.

Limit the amount of time you spend

Again, as parents, you must be figuring out ways and means on how to leave social media addiction. Both for you and for your kids! Set a timer, the moment, your son or daughter lays hands on to FB or Twitter. Yes, it is quite hard to contain the excitement of your teens. But you will have to be strict with your children and ensure discipline.

Again, you don’t have to be too hard on them. You can let them have an hour or two, of screen-time a day. Just set a timer, every time your daughters dabs on to the mobile phone or tablet. This way, you allow the timer on. Once the hour is going to end, distract him/her with something else. You can ask your kids to help you with the cooking chores, chopping veggies or even ask them to clean the car. Add incentives to the process and tell them you would give 10 dollars as against five for getting the task done. In a matter of minutes, the kid comes out of social media.

Outdoor Activities

Pick on a cool set of hobbies

Social media addiction among adults and kids are leaving us with absolutely no time for learning something new or creative. Consequently, hobbies die down. As a creative measure to give up on social media addiction, this is something you can ideally do. You can sign up for cooking or baking courses in your neighborhood. You can hone your culinary skills.

Or send your fifteen-year-old lad for his basketball coaching. Your cutest daughter needn’t shy away from attending a painting class. Pick on a cool set of hobbies that can keep every member of your family engaged. The obsession for staying hooked to social media profiles via mobiles or laptops die down.

Go on a holiday

This is the catch here. Just allow one member of the family, say your mom or dad to carry the mobile phone. You might want to contact somebody at least in case of an emergency. The other members can hang on, sans the phone or the tablet.

Carry your SLR camera instead. This way, you can shoot out cool pictures or take photographs. You can admire the tranquility of nature by taking long walks with your mom or elder sister. You can play a game of chess or tombola at the resort parlor. This way, you cut down on the screen time and connect with real people. The experience is going to really be a rewarding one, at the end.

Pamper yourself

When you feel like, you have got enough hang of social media, this is a cool thing you can try out. You can pamper yourself at the nail art salon. Or book for a cool movie with your gang of friends. You can sign up an annual membership with the library that has mushroomed in the neighborhood. Get airy and out of the screen locked domain. Pampering yourself is the best way to beat the addiction.

Create ways to make new friends

Sometimes, you get into social media, because your available set of friends are busy with their own preoccupations. You can always strive at making new friends. You can join a new club. Or hit the pub on a ladies night. You will be surprised to see the number of people who share similar interests as yours. Make your social circle bigger and the virtual circle of friends will follow suit.

Go on a screen-time slumber

Again you need not to prove your mettle to the world just by posting selfies online. You can free up the time to learn about innovative ways of making money. You can start a small sandwich or café based out of the home. Think of creative methods on enhancing your income levels. This is the best technique on how to leave social media addiction. You can de-activate your FB or Twitter accounts. You can tell your friends that you are closing off. Just be away from the screen for a while and look how productive your life becomes. You can always get back to social media, as and when you feel like. This screen time slumber can teach you the finer aspects of life. You also free yourself from constant bullying in the cyber world.

These are 7 awesome ways on how to leave social media addiction and lead a more fulfilling life!

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