Qualities of a student for a bright future as per Indian education system

Student Qualities

The gap in student qualities expected and exhibited from a typical student increases with time. The parameter on which these qualities are based, are pretty traditional and ancient. Students find it hard to connect with these qualities due to may be the generation gap. As parents, the expectation from our own student does not consider these generational gaps. When a parent does all that leg work to ensure the welfare of the family, he finds his own student life to have been comfortable. At least stress-free.

A student’s life is not a rosy one in spite of the childhood period he is in. This is supposed to be a golden period for every human being. We enjoy our life to the full without much responsibility and fear of anything in childhood. However, the period of enjoyment gets over the moment student enters school or even playschools. The indirect push of parents to make the student a parrot capable of reciting all kind of tables and texts against their basic desire destroys his very foundation.

As the student grows, the performance pressure becomes huge while the sense of identity has not developed. This creates confusion, low self esteem and unnecessary tears. A student gets judged right from the early days and parents long to see the genius. If they get a glimpse of a trait or even if they do not, the nightmare starts.

Student Qualities as per Gyana Yoga

काक चेष्टा, बको ध्यानं, स्वान निद्रा तथैव स्वल्पहारी, गृहत्यागी , विद्यार्थी पंच लक्षणं।

1. Perseverance of a crow ( काक चेष्ट )

A student needs to know that he needs to slog over the studies till he gets the result. The slogging is not a day or two’s work but till he finishes his formal education. Students generally study during the exams and try to memorize the formulas in last moment. Instead they should slog the whole year even if for 01 hour everyday instead of putting 12 hours in last days.

2. Concentration of a crane ( बको ध्यानं)

While working as a part time admission counselor for my institute, I often came across parents who complained that their kid was not able to concentrate on studies. I had a challenging time explaining them that this is the age they explore stuff around them and studies is just one part of it. Still, concentration is a big challenge that parents need to address. Curious students will rarely address them.

Parents should keep their kids away from distracting stuff like mobiles, internet in early ages and instead make them connect to things like newspaper, magazines, colors music etc. This will develop their concentration and a love for education.

3.Sleep of a dog (स्वान निद्रा )

A good sleep is very much required for the development of mind and body. Parents should teach discipline of waking up early and going for games and sports. Ideally they should lead the kids instead of just waking and pushing them off to the field. They need to ensure that the kid sleeps early and does not get addicted to those TV serials or cartoon abundantly available.

Bring discipline of going to bed and waking on time instead of little sleep.

4.Eats in limit (स्वल्पहारी )

That part applies for all human beings.

What a kid eats is decided by parents mostly and they should focus on the nutrition part of it. Provide good food and teach the students to avoid all the junk foods available on streets.

Overeating results in sleep disorder and hence the impact on studies.

5.Strength and ability to leave home (गृहत्यागी )

This basically refers to the to homely shelter. This part needs to be followed more by parents than students. Mostly, students are eager to fly the moment possible. Parents on the other hand ( and rightly so ) find it very difficult to cope with their kids leaving home after schooling. They sometimes choose a college nearby little realizing that a choice like this may have far-reaching implications.

Instead of pushing students to acquire these traits, parents should engage kids in games in developing them slowly. What is the use of topping the class in primary division and scoring an average in higher classes due to the burn out faced over the years? Parents need to realize and accept that kids are born intelligent and creative enough. They will eventually find their way and all they need is love and care and some guidance.

Traits like being intelligent, smart and able to memorize are temporary student qualities and one can lose them in life. But the above-mentioned traits with their judicious interpretation are what forms the basis of a strong foundation and a good life. Focus on student qualities like sincerity, honesty, and respect which makes a man.

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