Learning is a process of gaining knowledge, skills and abilities by practising ourselves or learning through some guide or mentor. The process of learning starts from the day we take birth. We learn different habits, behaviours, skills, values, etc. from our surroundings. We unfold the secrets of life and this universe by acquiring knowledge through learning various facts and figures. In the process of learning,1 we , also modify or develop the existing information, facts, figures, knowledge to an altogether different level. Books, teachers, society, scripts, nature, historic sight and inscriptions are the various traditional methods of learning which have helped generations to evolve with the process of learning.


With the advancement in technology and growing competition learning was also taken to a new advanced world of E-LEARNING. E-learning is a process of imparting knowledge and gaining information through electronic media. In the technical and hi-tech world of learning and teaching, online coaching classes have become one of the best medium of education. The passion for teaching and the need for access to knowledge led to the emergence of online coaching classes.


  • In the traditional scenario, in, formation access was limited and the constraints of time and distance were the barriers to education. Online coaching classes made it possible for every knowledge freak to access information from any place and at any time suitable to his needs.
  • Online coaching boosts the confidence of the student and the student also learns to ask their doubts. The student cannot hide in the group of student. The student has to actively participate in the process of teaching and learning online.


In the traditional classroom teaching and learning method, the student needs to look at the blackboard cautiously to copy the material, listen attentively to the teacher presenting the concept in front and tries to grab the knowledge. Apart from this, online coaching class is altogether a different concept and needs a different set of skills in a student to learn effectively.

  • OBSERVATION: The student needs to possess the observation powers and need to observe the minutest detail so that nothing gets skipped and the student receives the complete set of information.
  • LISTENING: listening is a skill that needs to be learnt and practised. Listening includes hearing the words and then absorbing and comprehending them in the brain.
  • SEEING: in an online coaching class, the student needs to concentrate on the computer screen and read the information. Seeing with full concentration helps the student to gain maximum from the session.
  • SKIPPING HESITATION: the students need to build confidence and leave all hesitation to clear the doubts. The student should go through the concept and be ready with questions to be answered by the teacher.


As the traditional coaching classes have various methods and modes of instruction like lecture, assignments, discussion, projects and models there are various modes and methods adopted for making online coaching class a success. The various modes of online coaching classes are as follows:

  1. SELF STUDY: A number of articles and posts are available on the sites of online coaching classes to enrich the knowledge of students and teachers as well. The student can read and acquire the knowledge of a particular topic from the site.
  2. EMAILING: Emailing is also a tool that can be utilised to clear some doubts by the students. The student can email their list of questions and get the desired answer from the teacher through email.
  3. EDUCATIONAL WEBSITES: A plethora of educational websites are available online for diverse subjects and topics from where students can reach an enormous amount of information and gain knowledge and skills.
  4. VIDEOS AND TUTORIALS: teachers also use videos and tutorials prepared on particular topics for a better understanding of the subject by the student. Videos use sound, pictures and text all three together and thus proves to be a useful tool and mode of teaching in an online coaching class.
  5. PRESENTATION: Presentations also provide an audio-visual mode with required text in a summarised form to quickly pinpoint and clear the concept of any subject in an online teaching and learning zone. Presentations can also be prepared by the students after understanding and grasping the concept. Powerpoint presentations can be used as a tool for judging the students understanding and knowledge.
  6. E-LIBRARY: E-Library is in vogue these days with the students. Keeping lots and lots of books in the almirah is out of fashion and in the world of tablets and me pads ebooks have captured the interest of students. Online coaching classes use e-library as the best mode for instructing their students and providing them access to the abundant bookstore available online to research any topic of their interest and need.
  7. LIVE AUDIO AND VIDEO CHATS: It sounds interesting to see your teacher behind the screen. The students can avail this opportunity and create a virtual classroom during their online coaching classes. They can get their queries solved live and can have a better understanding of the concept.


Online coaching classes are not boring and monotonous and do not follow the same set routine and pattern. They can be grabbed in various forms available.

  • SYNCHRONOUS: These coaching classes are live. The student and teacher are present at the same time to involve in the process of teaching and learning.
  • ASYNCHRONOUS: Asynchronous online coaching classes include the student raising their queries and doubts at some point in time and then the teacher later revert with the solutions and answers. On receiving the revert the student reads and understands the concept.
  • ONE ON ONE CLASSES: The student gets individual attention in these classes. There is one to one teacher-student ratio. The teacher focuses on the individual student and helps in better and deep understanding of the subject.
  • GROUP: In a group, there are many students online at the same time to learn from the same teacher. The group can be formed on the basis of the standard of the student or the topic to be taught. All the student can raise their questions. It is a better opportunity to learn from the wide perspective of all the students in a group.

Online coaching classes have become the favourite learning method for students to score the best in their examinations. They provide comfort and flexibility to the students and improves learning. If you are also worried about the grades of your child, online coaching classes at STUDY SPECTRUM can be your destiny. Secure the future, study online…

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