What is Online Education? What is Online Education?

What is Online Education?

What is Online Education?

Online education is simply not about gathering subject-related tutorials. It is also about opening up your mind and soul towards competing with the outside world. It is streamlining your knowledge base to apply in various walks of life. It is more about giving you the right kind of exposure. Based on this you can improve your soft skills or much-needed life skills too.

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  • Win-win situation
  • Entirely free

In this online segment, we are going to learn what the proponents of online education are and have a deeper insight into ‘What is online education?’ You can educate yourself in using several ways. Some of the notable ones include

  • Classroom training: Here you have direct contact between the teacher and her pupils. Schools, Colleges, or training institutes are recognized places where education is imparted to students. The schools or learning institutes are set up around the globe. Private schooling- Here the concerned subject teacher visits your home to impart training modules. Celebrities, star kids, and sports athletes conform to this form of training. As they cannot attend classes on a regular basis.
  • Home tutoring- Moms of physically challenged children conform to this form of coaching. The student cannot go to school on his/her own. These students are catered to via online tutors. Career-centric moms also cater to homeschooling options. Here the kid stays at home and covers the curriculum. Hence, the need for the mom to drop the kids at school and pick them up never arises. Parents also home-school their children to minimize the expenses arising from, hefty tuition fees levied by schools or educational institutions.
  • Online education: This is the best and most holistic form of education. Education is imparted via the World Wide Web or the internet.

Online Education Platforms

Virtual seminars, webinars, and group studies are made possible with the online method. Juggling moms, entrepreneurs, students, housewives, the elderly, and lot many have immensely benefited from online education. The internet provides inbuilt tools to take notes. You can also keep track of learning progress and enter grades.

In the intro, the light was thrown into what different forms of tutoring are. Now comes the question! What is online education? It is an internet-based learning program that exposes you to the online world of its own.

Deeper Insight into Online Education

In online education, you just do not curtail to your area of study. The internet has options to wake the hidden scientist in you. Or revoke the artistic skills in you. It provides education in a streamlined manner. You download subject-wise worksheets or study materials. You can view coaching sessions done by teachers in a one-on-one style. You can answer worksheets. And clear exams end of the term. You have online tutoring for English, Science, Mathematics, Social science, and Languages. You can also take up virtual seminars or webinars to enhance your knowledge. Again, an internet-based education fuels your curiosity for knowledge. You can also get info on deeper areas of study. Rather than your own text material!

Explore Study Spectrum

There is a brand new website brought to you by Study Spectrum. This is a website that has engaging videos for students and teachers. The website offers free learning programs. Teachers can post their requirements so that they get immediate placements. The site gives you all the tools on how you can persuade your full-term courses online. The site allows you to read articles while you can also engage in writing your own. You also find class-wise learning material across subjects like Math, English, and Science.

Online Learning Sites for school students

Why Study Spectrum?

Study Spectrum is the mastermind of three highly successful individuals. All three have been IIM or IIT graduates. The three individuals want education to remain an affordable venture in every household. Though the creators were highly successful in their own line of businesses, they wanted to give back, to society. With the noble aim in mind, they created Study Spectrum. It offers engaging videos to teachers as well as students. And these are available on YouTube as well. The learning curriculum here is absolutely free of cost.

Teachers at Study Spectrum

Experienced and qualified faculty handles classes for your kids via Study Spectrum. These teachers have more than 10 years of experience in handling English, Math or Science. So you can be assured that your kids are with safe hands. The lectures on a story or prose in English last a whole 30 minutes. These uninterrupted videos can be viewed via YouTube. You have similarly curated videos for Math and Science as well.

Win-win Situation

There are more than 650 educational videos that have been released so far. These not only include educational videos. But also has articles on learning tips, ways to develop profound reading habits, and so on. Even teachers have learning modules to upgrade their skills.

Aspiring candidates who have just completed their B Ed program can log on to www.studyspectrum.com. You can take evaluation tests and upload your profiles to this particular site. You can sign up for internship programs with the non-profit site. Else get relevant employment opportunities to teach at leading schools or colleges.

Entirely free

This is another impressive attribute to the creators of Study Spectrum. You have educational videos to improve the theoretical knowledge of students. You have other engaging videos for parents. These videos essentially throw facts on what parents can actually do to stimulate the learning capabilities of their kids. You have progressive videos for the teaching faculty. You get all of this and much more, that too for free. Yes, you have heard me right. You don’t have to pay a single penny while you are logged on to study spectrum dot com. That too 24/7!

Online education sparks or ignites the curiosity in you to know deeper than what is in textbooks. You can derive conclusions from science. You can do calculations and dig into algorithms. Likewise, the sky is the limit for you to open up limitless opportunities. With everything being free on this website, you can at least take time to explore the same. And you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

The question of what is an online education and ways to fine-tune your skills have been discussed broadly. Especially in this particular segment!

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