How To Release Stress Before ExamHow To Release Stress Before Exam

How to release stress before exam?

No one performs well under stress as it reduces our efficiency and shifts our focus away from the task in hand. Stress also leads to health implications and is one of the leading factors to other kinds of diseases. Students aim to achieve good scores in examinations and due to this performance pressure they experience stress before exams.

Stress has become an unavoidable part of a student’s life, and this is why it is essential to know how to release stress before an exam. It all starts by identifying that stress occurs due to a reason and students can use it to increase their confidence and to improve on their work.

The article covers the below points:

Reason for stress in students

  • Low motivation levels
  • Lack of planning for exams
  • High expectations
  • Stiff competition

How to release stress before the exam?

  • Listen to Music
  • Go for a walk
  • Have a study routine
  • Get some time to play
  • Get good sleep
  • Make good use of mobile apps and websites
  • Practice yoga and mediation
  • Eat dark chocolate
  • Talk to someone
  • Do not get distracted
  • Motivate yourself
  • Eat Well

Reason for stress in students

If you want to fight stress before exams, it is important to know the reasons for its occurrence. Knowing the reasons for the stress will help in reducing the pressures. Some of the common reasons for stress before exams are:

Low motivation levels

A lot of students have low motivation levels which the education system and the environment around them have led to. This reduces their resilience power to bounce back from a setback or even handle the stress before exams.

Parents and teachers need to motivate and support them for the exams. This has to be done throughout the education cycle of the student and not just when exams are nearby. A positive approach towards motivating your kid will help them to handle all kinds of exams in life.

Lack of planning for exams

Students are often unprepared for exams and being self-aware of their shortcomings, they become very conscious and stress out. The fear that the question can come from something they have not prepared well raises all the hell in their mind.

The best solution for this is definitely to prepare and plan well for exams. Online test series will definitely be a big help in this as it makes students realize what all they have been missing out and can cover them easily. Online exams also give a brief idea of how the exams are going to be and with enough time in hand, students can prepare well.

High expectations

The high expectations of parents and teachers around students also build up the pressure. Students feel the impact of poor performance on their reputation and the behavior of parents and teachers around them.

Parents and teachers should try to keep their expectations reasonable and confined to them. Moreover, they need to explain to the students that they believe in their ability and hence this expectation.

Stiff competition

Competition has increased tremendously in recent times to what was probably a decade ago. An increase in population and more awareness for education in the masses has led to this increase in competition.

You cannot really do a lot for this except prepare yourself in a better way.

There lies a difference between the students who let stress to trouble them and those who use it to improve on their weaknesses. Students who are smart will always choose the right path that will not only help them to overcome the stress and do not let the wave of stress to engulf them.

How to release stress before the exam?

Mentioned below are some tried and tested ways to reduce stress in students before the exam. If you are stuck with negative impressions, these tips might be something you are looking forward to reading before your exams.

Listen to Music

Music can help create a very positive environment, which in turn elevates the mood. Such a productive environment will motivate kids to study for a longer duration and reduces stress very well. Experts always suggest listening to classical music as it boosts the power of the brain, but you can even listen to some ambient music as well.

You can also play light instrumental music while studying to keep the mood light and reduce stress. Check out online playlists and try a few to know what works the best for you. The volume should be low so as not to distract you from studies.

music to release stress

Go for a walk

Students often spend days before exams with books only immersing them in it only to get more confused and stress out. Research has stated that a little exercise like a walk can increase brain power and boost memory – both of which are quite beneficial. Exercise has a very positive effect on the brain’s activity, and hence it can help improve your performance.

Encourage your kid to go out for a walk in the evening or morning to help them relax and release the stress out. You too can join them in the walks and talk about things to make them feel better and prepare for the life ahead. As long as your talk does not burden the student, it should do just fine.

Have a study routine

As per research, more than 40% of the students do not have a study routine or plan. This unorganized way of studying leads to more confusion and unpreparedness. It creates an unstructured way of exam readiness in the mind of students which eventually leads to stress.

All it takes is a little effort to create your very own study plan. This will keep you motivated every day as you can approach with a plan and also understand your progress. Students can also make use of online learning platforms and tools that will easily align the goals based on your usual study pattern. A simple plan covering what you will be studying and when to prepare better for exams should do just fine.

Get some time to play

If you are wondering as to why we are talking about playing, read on to know more.

A number of schools and universities have something called “puppy rooms” where some students come and relieve stress by playing with puppies. Playing with a pet will increase your focus. You can even spend some time playing with your sibling for your friend. If you are alone, you can try popping some bubble wrap.

Students can easily release their stress by playing games for an hour a day before exams. They should not resort to video games or online games as it will impact their eyes. Instead, students should opt for physical games and if you cannot find friends to play, go for a run or jogging exercise or even swimming. Parents should not look at this as wastage of time but as a stress releasing method for kids.

sports to release stress

Get good sleep

Not every student understands the importance of a good night’s sleep.

Do you know that having a proper sleep that helps your brain to absorb knowledge and this will stay in memory for long? This way, when you study every morning after a good night’s sleep, you can easily recall what you read on the day of your examination. Any student who has tried to study with less sleep more often can easily understand the difference when he/she studies after having a good sleep.

The primary advantage of good sleep is an improvement in focus and recovering energy for the day of studies. Parents should make sure that students should go to bed at the right time no matter what and they follow the right schedule.

Make good use of mobile apps and websites

While there are some apps that are designed with a motive to help students, not every app is useful. A few apps can be used to get organized or come up with a lesson plan for study; there are others that can help you to improve on a particular skill, like learning the English language for example.

You can choose an app based on recommendations and get access to millions of learning resources. You can remove the apps especially social media apps to do away with social media addiction during exams time. Whatever app you do not need for studying should be removed from the mobile.

online videos to release stress

Practice yoga and mediation

After following a rigorous study routine, your brain needs some space. You can take a break and understand the stress from a unique perspective. Students can also practice meditation to improve their focus and also improve their physical as well as mental health.

Yoga and meditation have a lot of advantages for students as it improves their focus and also releases stress in them. Moreover, they are not very physically tiring and students retain their energy level to study throughout the day.

Eat dark chocolate

Eating dark chocolate also reduces stress levels. It is important to choose dark chocolate that has more than 70% cocoa as it fights the stress-causing hormone named cortisol. It shows a very relaxing effect on the whole body as well. Also, when you eat chocolate, it releases hormones called endorphins, and these are natural stress fighters.

Chocolate brings in a light mood in students and you should ensure you provide them on a regular basis after meals.

Talk to someone

At times, talking to someone helps. If you are anxious about your exam, it helps to vent it all out. You can talk to your family member or a close friend, who might introduce you to your strengths and this way you can rise above the stress.

Parents and teachers can act as talking partners to their students. They can start this talk and even plan it out to cover a range of topics to make the student relax and open up. These talks also provide you an opportunity for your parents to extend their support and motivate students.

Do not get distracted

Students have a social media world at their fingertips through mobile apps. You might not even notice as to how many times you tend to check Facebook or your Twitter account wasting a lot of time. Not just social media, but online games or apps can also act as distractions.

Keep your smartphone away and focus on what you are studying. You can also use a blocker when you are browsing the net to keep away from unwanted distractions. Removing these apps and online games from your PC and mobile while exams are around, would be a better decision

Motivate yourself

Motivation works like a charm, especially when you are stressed and low on confidence. You can listen to motivational quotes or watch a few online educational videos that will help you rise above your examination stress.

Analyze your strengths and weakness to see how you fare well in the coming exams. Based on the analysis, plan out your exam preparation.

Eat Well

Your diet should be the last thing that should be impacted by exam stress. You will need all your energy to do well in exams and an empty stomach should not come in the way. Eat well and eat on time to fight the stress and do well in exams.

Food goes a long time in shifting the mood and releasing stress. So go ahead and have some really nice food to release the stress. You might want to try out turmeric based food in particular that are known to have health benefits in releasing stress.

You should not allow stress to build before exams and impact your preparation for exams. Follow the steps and ideas discussed to have a stress free exam.

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