How to Overcome Exam Anxiety? How to Overcome Exam Anxiety?

How to Overcome Exam Anxiety?

How to Overcome Exam Anxiety?

Do you know that more than 80% of the students suffer from exam anxiety? Did this ever happen with you? Well, you might have studied hard for your next midterm exam, but the moment you walk into the room to write your exam, you feel blank and worried. And more often, you have sweaty palms and a tingly feeling in your tummy when you sit down to write the exam.

This happens with many students, and you are not alone. These are some classic signs of exam anxiety, and this is one of the reasons why the grades or the scores might not show your ability. So, how to overcome exam anxiety?

This is no rocket science!! Every student can manage exam anxiety by managing stress before, during, and after the test. Let’s see how it’s done.

Table of Content

  • What exactly is exam anxiety?
  • The Tips You Need to Follow
    • Always be prepared
    • Get good sleep
    • Never skip your breakfast
    • Reach early
    • Carry a positive attitude
    • Read the questions carefully
    • Start without worrying
    • Do not pay attention to others
    • Keep a check on the time
    • Focus, and have positive thoughts
    • Review and celebrate

What exactly is exam anxiety?

It is very normal for every student to feel nervous or worried before the test starts, but there are a few who find it hard to manage the exam stress. They often have racing thoughts, are unable to concentrate, and start to feel weak. Some of the physical symptoms include headache, an increase in heartbeat and nausea. Whatever exam it might be, exam anxiety can ruin a student’s hard work and affect the overall grades.

The Tips You Need to Follow

There are various reasons why students suffer from exam anxiety. Some of them include

  • Inadequate preparation time
  • Fear of failure
  • Having a bad experience with a test in the past
  • Peer pressure
  • Excessive pressure from parents to excel

Like we mentioned before, you are not alone! All you need to do is to remain calm and follow the tips mentioned below.

Always be prepared

This might sound very obvious, but this is the very first step you need to take to get rid of exam anxiety. If you take time and prepare thoroughly, you will feel at ease and confident the moment you walk in to give your exam. You can take help from online resources like Study Spectrum when preparing for tough topics. Video tutorials and study materials can provide you with an extra boost so that you feel calm and composed.

Get good sleep

Remember that cramming can never provide a solution. So, do not stay awake all night preparing for the exam the next day. You need to have a good sleep of at least 8 -9 hours, and this is important than rereading your notes until dawn. Instead, do a quick review and get to bed, and wake up fresh the next morning. You can as well wake up a little early for a revision!

Never skip your breakfast

Always make sure to have a hearty breakfast before you leave for your exam. If you have a history of feeling weak or nauseous during the exam, do carry some snacks to provide you with instant energy. Make sure to eat foods that provide you with energy and nutrients rather than foods that are high in sugars. 

Reach early

Never feel rushed as it can increase your anxiety. Do take time a day before your exam to pack all the essentials you might need the next day. Set the alarm for the next morning, so that you can step out of our home on time.

Carry a positive attitude

If you are not feeling confident, you can think about a happy moment or a happy place, or use a “morale-boosting mantra” to feel positive. You can tell yourself that you can do it, and carry the same attitude even after the test begins.

Read the questions carefully

Once you are given the question paper for your test, do make sure to read it well. You need to read the questions twice before you start to answer them. There is nothing worse than writing the answer, only to realize later that you got the question entirely wrong.

Start without worrying

Looking at a blank exam paper can only increase your anxiety. Once you have read the question paper well, just dive in and start outlining the essay or the answer. Or, you can start answering the questions you know as it boosts your confidence.

Do not pay attention to others

Never look at what others are doing! You might see that other students are just writing away, but that does not matter. Always pay attention to what you know and just forget about the others present in the room. If you see a fellow student finish the exam first, do not panic. Go at your own pace, and remember that this is no race, and there is no prize for completing the exam first.

Keep a check on the time

Never get so involved that you lose track of time. Make sure to check the time left, and try to stay on pace. This way you can finish writing all the answers within the stipulated time. Make sure to allocate some time to recheck.

Focus, and have positive thoughts

If you feel worried or anxious, practice deep breathing as it can regulate your racing mind and heart. You can try doing mock tests and home and practice breathing and focus so that you can be at ease when the exam day arrives.

Review and celebrate

Once you are done with the exam, you can as well do a quick review to check how you performed. You can also list out the strategies that worked for you, and ignore those that did not. Remember that these small steps are the building blocks for your success. Take time and celebrate that you are finally trying to overcome the exam anxiety.

Remember that test anxiety is very common, and a part of your school or college life. This makes it easy to handle. If you are really unsure, you can as well talk to a counselor, who can help you overcome your exam anxiety.

Now that you are aware of the tips that can help over exam anxiety, do follow them and let us know what worked the best for you!

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First and foremost you must be well prepared, this can put your mind at ease till the D-day arrives. You must prepare for the test in a strategic manner, you must familiarize yourself with similar sort of questions before hand and take practice exams which can help in boosting your self-confidence, while at the same time it will help you in feeling more calm and collected before the test. I would recommend to join a study groups, or enroll into a training and learning institute that offers comprehensive training and workshops essential to ace your exam.

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