How to Keep Kids Away from Idiot Box? How to Keep Kids Away from Idiot Box?

How to Keep Kids Away from Idiot Box?

How to Keep Kids Away from Idiot Box?

How to keep kids away from idiot box -Technological addition is a newly coined termed in this modern era. Undoubtedly technology can be a boon or a bane in accordance with its usage. It has really become a daunting task to keep young children away from the television. In fact they spend day and night sitting in front of the television, staring at the screen. Making your sweet home a battleground isn’t the only way to get control of this situation. Let us discuss some of the best strategies which have the potential to turn the odds in your favor.

Table of Content

  • Set an example
  • Watch television together
  • Explain the ill-effects of watching the Idiot Box
  • Provide them alternative

The location of the idiot box in your home determines a lot. You may have encountered the scenario where your children would watch television until the last minute they go to sleep. This can be contained if the television is not located in the bedroom. Similarly, if the idiot box is not kept near your dining space, your child will not have access to watch his shows while eating. Constraining little time like this will fetch a huge advantage when looked at in the longer term.

Set an example

Children, in general, try to live up to their parents considering them as an example. When you yourself watch your shows for a longer period of time, it gets registered in your child’s brain that watching television is not a waste of time, on the other hand, it is a part of life and everybody does that. If you could limit your own television time, it would end up impacting your child positively.

Watch television together

Make it a habit to always watch TV together as a family. Spending time together will make you know what your child is watching and you can also discuss the content making your child understand better.

TV - Idiot Box

Explain the ill-effects of Watching the Idiot Box

This is the most sensible and logical way of tuning your kid. It is not necessary to explain to them the bad effects of watching television in a factual and logical sense. Kids understand every sentence we speak in a literal fashion. So you can even dramatize the concept and tell them how bad it is to watch television for a longer period.

Provide them Alternative

It is very unlikely that a young child will choose television over other fun activities. Most of the children, at times even most of the adults watch a television show only out of sheer boredom. Expose your child to more engaging activities like playing sports, solving riddles, reading storybooks in English, and many other fun activities. Kids, in general, do not have a tendency to sit and do a single activity for hours, then how come they spend such a long period before the television? It is because we have failed to tap the kid’s tendency and turn it to our advantage. We can make them practice a variety of other activities and can easily move them away from wasting their precious time staring at the same old screen.

TV Alternatives

Action speaks louder than words. If you really need to see a change in your child’s life, it is you who have to get down and work. It may not be possible to make your child stay away from the TV set completely. But you can definitely reduce their time spent watching television and hence can direct them for better. By this, you should know how to keep kids away from the idiot box.

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