Disadvantages of Tuition Classes Disadvantages of Tuition Classes

Disadvantages of Tuition Classes

Disadvantages of Tuition Classes

Disadvantages of tuition classes – a lot of parents send their kids to tuition and coaching classes while some hire tutors to teach at home. This does help students to some extent and parents see improvement in performance. Tuition no doubt is required by a vast majority of students in order to fill the gap in school teachings. But these are reactive measures we take and students learn to adopt them. Instead of looking for a tuition center, students should ask questions in schools for which parents pay a good amount of fees. The problem needs to be answered head-on instead of carrying it back home and engaging a tutor to solve.

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  • Fight or flight (Tuition)?
  • Tuition: Am I weak?
  • A childhood destroyed?
  • Expensive and a long way to go?
  • Quality Teaching

Do you see a similar behavior pattern in office goers who carry the work back home?

If only we could teach students to ask for their rights of being answered in class and not to move ahead until the concepts get cleared. This small change will have a major impact on the life of the student when he grows up.

Even after spending a good amount of money on private tuition, the quality is not really provided. Many tuition centers and tutors are infamous for not providing quality education and simply wasting time. Why do a large number of students change their tuition centers every year? There is no dearth of either tuition centers or students who are not happy with their previous classes. And so, the online business of education goes on smoothly.

But does tuition really help or is it just a temporary solution coming with bigger damage in disguise? A tuition center might be able to push a student beyond the score expected by their parents but it also slows the growth in students which appears only in later stages of life.

Let’s look at some reason why joining tuition should be avoided: Disadvantages of tuition classes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tuition Classes

Fight or flight (Tuition)?

The man has to face fight or flight situations in life and what he does in moments like these define him. A student not able to understand a particular subject has the option of figuring out the concept himself instead of looking for a home tutor. Parents need to encourage their kids to solve them by themselves and not run. The flight option to coaching centers where ready-made solutions may be available inhibits the development of fighting skills in students.

Parents should sit with their kids when they study and motivate them to figure out the concepts themselves. They should encourage using innovative skills and out of box thinking. Students can also access the internet to understand the concepts. Relying on someone should be avoided and students should be asked to fight their own battles.

Study Spectrum provides the same concept clearance educational videos and lets students figure out concepts by building their basics. Our videos are good replacements of the tuition centers and help the students build basics. We do not provide quick solutions to memorize. Our emphasis on the fight instead of flight builds character in students and prepares them for the future.

Benefits of Tuition Classes

Tuition: Am I weak?

The very fact that not all students need coaching while some do, brings a shade of doubt on their strength. Students may slowly develop a feeling of being inferior as their friends do not go anywhere for help. This leads to low self-esteem and ambition in students.

Low ambition is the worst quality a student can have. Someone not expecting him to win is the worst feeling a human can suffer from. The reality is that every individual is different and capable of achieving great heights. They might not necessarily be greats in the same field but they need to realize this to achieve it. This is exactly the attitude a tutor deprives a student of.

Study Spectrum provides easy learning educational videos that the students can refer to as a second opinion without affecting their self-esteem. Our teachers are from premier institutes and deliver the lectures from basics in a very easy manner. There is no pressure from anywhere and performance is the last thing a student has to bother about. There are no tests or scorecards for you to worry about but simple clarification of concepts.

tuition class

A childhood destroyed?

Childhood is the happiest phase of human life where one is free from the challenges life may pose. Laughter is the only expression that should play on a kid’s face. Educated parents make sure that their kids spend the second half of the day in sports and other creative activities. This leads to overall personality development. Parents who lack means and backing believe that the only way out of poverty is through education. Sport is a luxury their kids can do away with and hence the strong emphasis on tuition if required. This destroys the childhood of kids in pursuit of education which comes back to them silently. Mostly in form lack of personality development and interaction skills.

Parents should understand that studies and sports go hand in hand each reinforcing the other. The happiness one gets from playing gets reflected in acquiring education. Both are equally required for the overall development of the kid. The after school timings should be reserved exclusively for sports and tuition should not be a hindrance to it.

This is where Study Spectrum comes in the picture as it does not have any timing. The learning is left as per the requirement of the student allowing them a lot of time for sports. The student does not have to travel to coaching classes. In metros, this is a major challenge and along with pollution, crowd, risk, and danger with it. Our educational videos are available 24 hours and have no tutor or teacher waiting for you in a coaching class. You do not have to hurry through your extracurricular activities.

Expensive and a long way to go?

When does the formal education of a person end? Well, the philosophical answer is never, but the reality is that for most of us the education ends with Post graduation. Very few choose to go for degrees like Ph.D. or research which requires a lifetime of learning. So it can be fairly concluded that for most of us the education ends with our masters. That is a long way to go for a typical middle-class family. Tuition costs bleed us and the journey for many may be cut short because of this.

Looking at this journey as a phased manner many not really work out as competition is very stiff at the bottom of the pyramid. The kind of job you might get after schooling will not pay off your living and you can forget paying for graduation. Getting a job at graduation level becomes a huge challenge because of high supply.

Parents should save money for the higher education of the kids as it is very expensive. Saving pennies and their interests will help the parents pay for higher education and the future of their kid is safe and secure.

Study Spectrum being a free platform helps parents in saving those unnecessary expenses that bug our education system. With no tuition fee to pay, one can buy a good computer every year and maintain a good life. Study Spectrum aims to provide free education and is determined to keep it free for life. The educational videos are self-explanatory requiring absolutely no other resource.

Tuition Classes

Quality Teaching

One can ignore all the shortcomings of tuition or coaching classes, if only they provide quality education. All those tutors and coaching classes that genuinely provide can be excused. But those who do not, are doing injustice society.

Quality education is one of the serious most concerns that coaching classes have not been able to address. The well-established brands provide a routine kind of teaching and focus on innovation or creative thinking is not there.

Before you think of hiring a home tutor or sending your kid to a tuition center, see if he really needs it. Do not simply send for the sake of getting the grades up which is always a temporary effect. The long term effects take time to sink in. That’s all about the disadvantages of tuition classes.

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