Common problems faced by students in school Common problems faced by students in school

Common problems faced by students in school

Common problems faced by students in school

Common problems faced by students in school – It is always said that school days constitute the best time of your life. But for some of you, it may not have apparently been the most vibrant period of your life. This is especially true if you are taunted with constant bullying. When students or teachers label you or your community, this can have a lasting impression on your minds, throughout your life.

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  • Being homesick
  • Not eating right in order to stay healthy
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Social media friendships
  • Skipping classes- On the rise
  • Not able to maintain a good rapport

Say for example, in most advanced nations, people have a hard-core view of racism. The Whites call the Afro Americans as Black. However, this kind of approach can break the tender hearts of students.

Here is a list-down of the 6 most common problems faced by students in school. We have also come up with solutions on how to break the barriers and still emerge successfully:

Being homesick

This is a primary concern if you reside in other parts of the state, city or even country. Your parents may live somewhere else while you stay on the campus where your school is. You can either study in a hostel campus. Else reside with an uncle, aunt or a relative who stays in the same vicinity as your school.

But nothing can beat the unconditional love, affection or care that your very own parents can provide you with. Instead of your moving hometown, you can ask your parents to visit your city or even a hostel. This way, the homesick feelings can be fostered in a more positive manner. You can make friends with hostel mates or participate in holiday camps organized by your school or your university. This way, you can ward off, feelings of homesickness.

eating habits

Not eating right in order to stay healthy

Amidst fear of missing those 8 am sessions, quite a lot of students miss their daily breakfast. This particular habit is a strict no-no. You must make it a routine to eat your daily breakfast.

There is a quick fix for this idea. Get up at least two hours before the start of your school. Go for an hour of jogging covering your apartment five to six times. You will begin to feel hungry after all that running. This way you will have your breakfast. You can cultivate friendships with like-minded people, who would love walking or jogging with you. This way, you stay motivated all the way through.

Poor sleeping habits

During your exam times, you tend to remain awake all through the night. Poor and ineffective sleep triggers up your anxiety or stress levels. This is the primary reason why a mind blackout happens to some of the students. You forget most of the answers you studied the previous night.

To overcome this particular obstacle, make sure you maintain a specified study timetable. Revise your lessons as and when they are taught to you. Sleep at a specified time every single day. Get up on time every day. This consistency makes your biological clock tick on time always. Avoid last-minute preparation for your exams as it can trigger your stress levels.

Social Media

Social media friendships

At school, most of you are tempted to open a Facebook or a Twitter account. Social media not only distract your concentration in studies but have other evil effects too.

The social advocates label this particular syndrome as ‘Constant fear of being bullied’. Say you buy a new mobile phone and post it on Facebook. You may get a lot of likes. But some of your fellow mates may ridicule the look and make of the phone. They may pass nasty comments on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. The same holds good when you try posting pictures, vacation based swimsuit snaps and so on. The social media bullying has had a very bad impact on today’s teenagers. The fix to this: Avoid linking up to social media till you turn 21 years old.

Skipping classes- On the rise

Today trendsetting apps like say ‘Byju’s classroom’, gives an upper edge to technologically affluent students. They skip their daily classes. And simply think they can download an educational app to offset the loss. This can be a more expensive blunder than what you had thought to be. Following the interactive classroom sessions, taking notes and physically being present during school hours can fetch you with better grades. You need to have a physical connection with your school teachers and peers so that they rank you better. Or even provide you with scholarships or recognition to perform well outside the school as well.

Skipping Classes

Not able to maintain a good rapport

Today’s students show a lot of attitudes and think they know everything under the sun. This kind of a boastful or arrogant nature only implies that you are digging your own pit. You need to maintain a favorable rapport or build healthier relationships with your school teachers, professors or college lecturers.

This way, you can grab most of the internships that can land you in top-notch companies. Your practical marks also depend on how friendly you are, with your teachers. If you constantly argue with your teachers, they can goof up your grades in the practical examinations as well. Respect your teachers and try keeping your feet on the ground.

These are the 6 most common problems faced by students in school. It is the collective responsibility of parents, teachers, and students themselves to shape the future generation into a better and more magnanimous one.

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