Impact of Mobile Phones on Student’s Life Impact of Mobile Phones on Student’s Life

Impact of Mobile Phones on Student’s Life

Impact of Mobile Phones on Student’s Life

The impact of mobile phones on students is having a cell phone a boon or a bane? Yes, most of us own a sleek and sophisticated device called a smartphone. Though the device hardly occupies the 3/4th size of your palm area, you want to hold your mobile phones all through the day. Loaded with mind invigorating blogs, you get info on any given topic. Starting from how the weather is, up until now the traffic is on the roads, you get every type of info out there. This is just while you are out on the go. While mobile phones are useful, did you ever know the impact of mobile phones on a student’s life?

Table of Content

  • Impacts Academic Performance of Students
  • Indulge in Pornography
  • Lose Out on Age-Old Values
  • Anti-Social Activities- On the Rise
  • Class-Hours Getting Disrupted
  • Easy Access to Copying Answers During Examinations
  • Leads to Hard-Core Vision Problems
  • Series of Health Problems
  • Increased Social Security- A Good Sign

You can email your friends, send away resumes to prospective employees, and do your online shopping on your data-enabled mobile devices. You don’t have to carry your bulky laptops anymore. This is with the advent of smartphones since 2000.

Through a simple mobile phone, offers you a plenitude of benefits, there are few striking negative impacts that require evaluation. These devices adversely affect the lives of students. Let us now learn about the impact of mobile phones on students’ life.

Impact of Mobile Phones on Student’s Life

Impacts Academic Performance of Students

This is the first and foremost negative impact associated with the excessive use of mobile phones or sophisticated versions of smartphones. The academic performances of students can get impacted very badly. You get easily distracted and carried away by instant chats, memes, watching Facebook, and downloading apps. This can invariably have its own set of consequences when it comes to achieving robust performances in academics. There are students who download educational apps too to help them cope up with their studies in a better manner. But how many of you are interested in class-related tutorials?

Indulge in Pornography

As mobile phone devices come to you with an open-ended email access system, there are students who indulge in various forms of misconduct too. Teenagers download porn videos or scintillating audio clippings too. What is more? These can easily be circulated via FB messenger, what’s App and Snap Chat. Other students get easy access to sex sites and porn stuff. Again, this can leave a detrimental impact on the healthy well-being of society. Today, teenagers involving themselves in the gang rape of even smaller girls, are on the rise. Thanks to innovative technology and mind-boggling videos.

Impact of Mobile Phones on Student’s Life

Lose Out on Age-Old Values

This is a major impact of mobile phones on students’ life. Again, you tend to lose-out on traditional values and age-old traditions when you are exposed to I-phones, I-pads, and mobile tablets. Yesteryear kids used to read epic books on Ramayana, Mahabharata or even the Bible. Today’s kids enthrall themselves with Batman, Spider-Man, Cinderella Princess, and other Western-Age Disney characters. The advent of mobile phones and wide-spread usage of these have literally made us kill our rich cultural and diversified heritage.

Anti-Social Activities- On the Rise

As mobile phones and data devices have come to each and every household, one can easily say that terrorism is on the rise. Anti-social militants just change multiple SIM cards to unveil their area of operations. In terms of where to plan a serial bomb blast, where to plan Cyanide based blasts and so on. Exchange of anti-social IP addresses is made hassle-free with exposure to mobile phones and smart-phone devices. As students get easy access to money, they indulge themselves in terrorist activities as well. Data hackers too stalk innocent victims or can steal confidential banking details of innocent people. Cyber-crime and anti-social activities are definitely on the rise, with easy access to cell phones or mobile tablets.

Class-Hours Getting Disrupted

In schools or colleges, you find students secretly carrying their cell phones or mobile tablets. These keep buzzing. Else your phones keep ringing. This can disrupt the class hours. Teachers or College professors are unable to continue with their classes when phones keep ringing continuously. As for students, they keep looking at each other and distract themselves from what is happening in the class. Even the brighter students end up losing out their grades when this happens.

Easy Access to Copying Answers During Examinations

Again easy access to multi-faceted technology is destroying our creative bent of mind. Students copy answers through micro links. They hardly want to study hard for their exams. In the name of looking at the watch or having a God’s idol as the display picture, they can easily copy answers or even circulate these to other students. Wide-spread copying of answers is again becoming a negative foray into students’ lives. They hardly realize that they can be debarred from appearing in further examinations or cracking competitive tests when they get caught.

Impact of Mobile Phones on Student’s Life

Leads to Hard-Core Vision Problems

A lot of moms are proud to see their sons or daughters juggle between various apps on mobile phones or smart-phone tablets. They proudly reveal to the relatives as to how intelligent and brainy their kids are. Not many of us realize the fact that continuous viewing of mobile phones can lead to serious vision-related problems. Perennial eye-infections, lazy eye and cylindrical issues rise among students who are just in their first grades.

Series of Health Problems

Most of the smart-phones emit radiation against user-friendly LED screens. This can have a series of health hazards apart from eye-infections alone. Quite a lot of us put the hands-free while listening to news clippings, watching videos, or listening to music. For students and grown-up adults, this can impact the delicate tendons, situated near the ear-drum. Quite a lot of teenagers buy invisible hearing-aids to combat this particular issue. Radiation impact can also lead to blockage of the heart, cirrhosis, and coronary disorders. Cancers can also be caused when you are exposed to radiation over-time.

Increased Social Security- A Good Sign

Again, though a lot of negative effects have been stated in the blog write-up, you get certain benefits too. Students who carry their cell phones and use it optimally are here to gain. They can call their parents or elders at home, in case they are faced with emergencies. GPS enabled mobile devices can also help parents know where their kids are. Again, this can prevent unforeseen situations.

Through a series of negative and positive issues that have been stated, you cannot do away with your cell-phones. Though we learned about the impact of mobile phones on students’ life it is a fact that this is a highly digitalized world and you need data at every stage of your life. But use cell phones optimally. Use these with a word of caution, and avoid getting carried away from unwanted fantasies or distractions. You can lead a better life, with these when they are used, for intended reasons alone.

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