Benefits of Online Education Benefits of Online Education

Benefits of Online Education

Benefits of Online Education

Well, getting yourself educated is a basic human right. All of us have the privilege of getting ourselves educated. You may often come across pupils from the lower strata of the society clearing UPSC or IAS exams. Though the financial aspect is crippled at the hands of these kids, they don’t mind going that extra mile. In order to study well, there are 13-year-olds who walk 14 kilometers up and 14 kilometers down to study. It is just the willingness to study that really matters. You get ample help from outside when you show people you can study hard. NGOs or philanthropists definitely offer help to the poor, deserving, or needy. Having said so, why not take into online education? The cost of an online course is available at 1/3rd of the price for what you get in a regular college. All you need is a computer and 24/7 Wi-Fi connectivity you are all set to go.

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  • Lower cost of pursuing the course
  • Matter of convenience for the rural population
  • Slower paced learning
  • Widens your knowledge
  • Unbiased way of judging
  • No peer pressure
  • Gain confidence

10 Advantages of Online Classes 

Lower Cost of Pursuing the Course

Most of the premier institutes like IIM or even Bits Pilani offer their juicy courses to deserving students. As there are no classrooms or major infrastructure involved, the benefits are passed on to the students themselves. The premier institutes are ready to slash down their rates by 50 to 60% to deserving students. As said earlier, if you have the dedication or willingness to learn, then the sky is the limit. If money is your major constraint, pursuing an online course of study is the most obvious choice.

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Matter of Convenience for the Rural Population

For the rural population, migrating to A-grade towns or cities is quite a humungous task. This is in search of good colleges or specialized institutes of study. For these people, getting access to a computer and persuading their favorite courses online may be a seamless affair. Here the structured course material is made available to them at their doorstep. The online chapters are handled live by lecturers or professors through virtual seminars. The student needs to just stay glued to these sessions. End of the term or semester, he/she can take up exams online. Else travel to the nearest city where examinations are conducted. At least the students or parents need not migrate to a new city where the cost of living is way too high.

Slower Paced Learning

This is again one of the top-most benefits of online education. Here, you can learn at your own pace and leisure. You can run live videos and save these on your desktop or laptop. This way, you can view the video any number of times. You can familiarize concepts much better. The online method of learning, therefore, provides a better degree of clarity to the entire learning process, on the whole. Plus, you can create notes with sessions. You may hear the professor taking you through the next chapter. While you post your doubts or queries relating to the previous chapter. Again, you can participate in online forums or chat rooms where you get a deeper insight into the area of study. In typical classroom-based training, the professor never takes the same chapter twice or thrice. Online tutoring definitely is a medium where you can learn at your own pace.

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Widens Your Knowledge

In typical classroom-based training, students just stick to their study material or notes provided to them. While in an online training module, you would have an objective style question paper. You can answer the questions only if you have gone through that particular chapter thoroughly enough. As there can only be one correct answer to each corresponding question. Hence you cannot score marks just by writing essays. You should have gone through your study material inside-out to answer these with an absolute degree of precision. Hence online tutoring encourages you to deepen or widen your knowledge. Here, you may even need to refer extra books or guides to clear one paper.

Unbiased Way of Judging

Your marks purely are based on merit. In a typical online scoring system, it will be the computer that corrects your answer sheets. While in a typical rote learning process, this is hardly possible. Teachers or professors show a biased approach. Or display favorable partiality towards a specific set of students. If you are not among that lucky lot, you will be given lesser marks over what you deserve. While in an online method, your merit is judged in an unbiased manner. Your objective scores are based on accuracy rather than intimacy.

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No Peer Pressure

Again this is one of the best benefits of online education. You hardly know who else is taking the same course material along with you. The question of competing with one another or getting engraved in peer pressure is simply not the case. There are lakhs of students who take up online examinations. And as it is a comfort, self-sourced learning program, you don’t have to worry about peer pressure. Or deal with pressurizing tactics from your fellow-students. You study at your own pace. And gain knowledge using your own innovative style. So without the peer pressure involved, you can cover the entire syllabus on a relaxed note.

Gain confidence

Online learning can elevate your confidence levels by leaps and bounds. Here, you gain in-depth knowledge pertaining to an area of study. To help you in the self-motivation process, you can create case studies or even white papers. This is based on a specific area of study. This widened exposure can help you clear competitive exams in a much confident way. Plus you can create a thesis for your Ph.D. program in case you plan to get enrolled in one. So online education provides you with a wonderful platform to pursue higher studies or earn scholarships from reputed institutions across the globe. Creating white papers or case studies can also help you crack interviews with major companies. This way, your chances of getting employed doubles up.

These are the 7 premier benefits of online education. You can make the best use of YouTube or Wikipedia to help you in your learning campaign. You also have other online tools to help you with your PPT presentations.

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