How can I improve My Memory for Studying? How can I improve My Memory for Studying?

How can I improve My Memory for Studying?

How can I improve My Memory for Studying?

How to Increase Memory Power Naturally

Can we, as humans, improve our memory? Did you ever forget important dates or get blanked out during a final examination? It does happen to many students and all they wished at that time was to have a better memory.

Well, the next question one would ask here is, how can I improve my memory for studying? While a reminder system can be of great assistance for day-to-day tasks, it does not provide much help when it comes to cementing the information for tests or more.

Table of Content

  • Focus and Attention
  • Cramming is a Big No
  • The organization is the Key
  • Use of Mnemonic Devices
  • Take Time to Rehearse
  • Concept Visualization
  • Relate Information
  • Reading Out Loud
  • Spend Extra Time on Difficult Topics
  • Change Your Study Routine Occasionally

How to Improve Memory and Concentration

If you are a student, you can tweak your study routine a little and implement a few strategies that can help you improve your memory. Hence, we at Study Spectrum have scoured the internet and our brains to bring some foolproof study hacks that improve your memory and help you remember better.

Always remember that our brain is a muscle, and you need to get it in proper shape. Without further ado, let us have a look at the study hacks we spoke about earlier.

Focus and Attention

You need to be attentive if you wish to improve your memory. Every information moves from your short term to long term memory, and for it to happen, you need to be focused and attentive. Try and study in a place that is peaceful and does not distract you from music or other sounds. Staying away from distractions can be challenging, but remember that nothing is impossible.

Cramming is a Big No

There are students who study regularly, and there are others who follow a study routine right before their exams. Research has shown that students who study every day remember better when compared to those who cram all the study materials before an exam. So, create a daily study plan and stick to it.

Educational Games for Kids

Educational Games for Kids

The organization is the Key

Many researchers have stated that our memory organizes the information in clusters. Students can take advantage of the same and structure and organize their study by grouping similar kind of concepts together. It gets easy when you make outlines of the topics or readings and group them together.

Use of Mnemonic Devices

A number of students take the help of Mnemonic devices that make it easy for them to recall a term or a topic learned. Mnemonic is a very simple way to memorize information. Students can choose mnemonics that use humor or positive imagery.

Take Time to Rehearse

For a student to recall important information, he/she needs to encode what is being studied into a long term memory. One of the well-known encoding techniques that are implemented by many across the world is called an elaborative rehearsal. For example, you can start by reading the definition of a “key term,” and then learn more about it in detail. By repeating the process a few times, it gets easy to recall that information at a later stage.

Concept Visualization

Many students visualize content to remember it in a better way. By paying attention to charts or photographs in the books, you can memorize about that specific topic with ease. Such visual cues can be of help when you have to give an examination. You can also use flashcards to learn and to improve memory.

Relate Information

We always come across new or updated information about a topic. Students can remember new information by relating it to something they already know. By creating a connection between the new topic and the old existing memories, you can easily cement the information in your brain – improving memory.

Reading Out Loud

A number of studies have shown that reading the lessons out loud helps you memorize the chapters with ease. It not only improves your memory but also makes it easy to recall the same during the exam. Educators have also found out that making students teach a topic to the rest of the class helps them understand the topic in depth.

Students can use this concept by trying to teach the topics to a friend or an online study partner.

Tips to Prepare for exams

Tips to Prepare for exams

Make Reading a Habit

Make Reading a Habit

Spend Extra Time on Difficult Topics

Students often come across topics that are easy to grasp, and some that are hard to understand. If there is any difficult information, make sure to take a little extra time to practice the same. Also, following the order of the information help you recall the topic with ease.

Change Your Study Routine Occasionally

Another way to improve your memory for studying is to change the study routine from time to time. If you are not comfortable studying in one location, do try moving to a peaceful corner in your home. You can shift your study hours from evening to morning during holidays or can study in the evening and just revise the same the next morning.

Improving memory for studying is of the utmost importance for students as it helps them achieve success during examinations. Make sure to take study breaks as it helps your brain relax and absorb information effectively when you restart. Take a short break once every 45 minutes. Practice sample papers as it trains your brain to retrieve information quickly. You can create an exam-like condition and see how you perform.

If you are still having trouble concentrating, meditate. Meditation improves focus and helps you concentrate. It also reduces the pre-exam stress and keeps you confident. Stay positive and sleep well the night before the exam.

Study Spectrum, an online educational portal, makes the journey of education simple with its learning resources.  Students who always fear about their exams can also take counseling to achieve better grades or hire a tutor online.

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