Teach Online And Earn Money In IndiaTeach Online And Earn Money In India

Teach online and earn money in India

You may be wondering if teaching online is another freelancing or Work from Home opportunity. The answer would be yes. But teaching online is one of the fewer opportunities where you open your learning curve too. You also earn substantial income just by teaching online.

Do you know that people often search for top tutors for online classes? Quite a lot of online portals are open for you where you don’t search for your student base. Students automatically come to you. The online agency gives you a slot where students are directed to you. So, you don’t have to put up billboards or banners that you are taking up tuitions or classes. You are already given a set of students to cater to. All you do is sit back and teach. You need to teach with a passion and answer queries that are posted to you from students.

This is going to be a one-shop one-stop know-how guide on how to teach online and earn money in India. Here we go:

Table of Content

  • Deeper insights into online tutoring
  • Some salient features of online tutoring
    • Flexibility to choose desired timeslots
    • Payments on an hourly basis
    • Minimal requirements
    • The comfort of your home
    • Cost-effective preposition
    • These are some of the most salient features of online tutoring
    • Getting started off
    • Income Potential

Deeper insights into online tutoring

In the introductory paragraph, you had an overview of what online tutoring is all about. You had a brief understanding of how you go about doing the same. Now, how do you think online tutoring happens? You will be getting into deeper insights on the same.

Here, using an online learning platform, you certify yourself to tutor students. You then use the same virtual environment to teach students. You can teach students using the most innovative tools the learning platform offers you, like video conferencing, Team viewer, Any Desk, etc.

You need not be a teacher, lecturer, or professor to get hands-on to online tutoring. You need a sound knowledge of the subject you would handle. You can clear the preliminary rounds on online tests or written examinations that will test how strong your subject knowledge is. And you are all set to go. This way, you get a substantial second income to make ends meet. You can make use of assistive tools and start teaching with a virtual face to face interaction.

Some salient features of online tutoring

You had a gist of what the concept is all about. You also had seen deeper insights into how you technically move around. Here comes the third interesting segment. You will understand what the salient features of this method of teaching are.

Flexibility to choose desired timeslots

Most of the online teaching portals ask you for your preferred time slots. You may be a busy mom who is juggling between two small kids. Mornings may be busy for you. You can select timeslots at your own convenience. In other words, when you know you would be free during afternoons or early evenings, you can choose the time slots accordingly. You can register with websites that provide e-learning for students as well.

Payments on an hourly basis

Most of the online teaching centers pay you on an hourly basis. International sites can pay you in dollars or pounds. You need to create an invoice based on the number of hours you had handled over the month. The amount will be credited to your bank account on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Some firms offer fixed rates or flat rates for teaching over the month.

Minimal requirements

You don’t need space to run a booming coaching center. You can start off using the basic infrastructure. All you need is a desktop or a laptop with an internet or Wi-Fi connectivity. This way, you are all set to go. If you have doubts about the area of study, you can browse the relevant answers yourself. This way, you can easily handle students who come up with complicated queries. Or want to seek answers to complex theorems.

The comfort of your home

As mentioned above, you need not lease out a complex or a learning center to attract students. Your audiences are going to be online members, after all. Hence, you can take up online tutoring at the comfort of your home.

Cost-effective preposition

You don’t have to put up banners, billboards, or create ads to attract students. The students will automatically be allotted to you based on your time slot. Geographical time zones will be looked at if you prefer teaching students of a specific country. Hence you don’t spend a dime on advertising or leasing out premises. You just pay a small margin to the tutoring agency that appointed you. The rest of the money is all yours to keep.

These are some of the most salient features of online tutoring

Getting started off

We are going to have a look at what prerequisites an online tutor would be expected to have. You will also be learning tips and highlighters on how to get started off.

  • The online tutor will be expected to have a thorough understanding of computers. He/she must have operational command of Windows 8, 10, and 13. You must know how to install or uninstall software. Plus, you need to operate your desktop or laptop that has a memory processor of 4GB RAM. These are the basic prerequisites you as an online tutor is supposed to have.
  • Digital Pen or Writing Pad: Well, this is online software you need to invest money in. In other words, you will have to purchase this particular software. The digital pen or writing pad reveals all the content you wrote on the laptop or computer screen.
  • You need to have a thorough knowledge of the subject you are going to handle. For an online English tutor, you need to understand how synonyms, antonyms, and subject-verb agreement work.
  • You need to familiarize yourself with the internet tools the online tutoring firm allows you access with. You can use PPT slides, notes, etc. to make your lecture delivery, the most effective one.

Income Potential

Online tutoring can provide you with a fabulous second income, as you can earn about 20,000 to 50,000 a month. As you work for limited hours a day, the money earned is a massive one. You can take your holidays or time off work due to the flexibility of slots. You can also opt for a four-day week if you want to concentrate quality time with your kids or family members.

Study Spectrum is an educational portal that encourages like-minded, passionate, and career-driven individuals to share their subject expertise for the benefit of the students via online tutoring.  With a user-friendly platform and excellent support team, this is the place where you can start to teach online and earn money in India.

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I am a lecturer in colg I am net jrf qualified  and I want to teach strategic management subject and international business

Shallu Arora

Sure, We will be happy to have you onboard. Do register and create your profile with us.

Study Spectrum

I am in 11 th class and i have experience of 2 years teaching students at home for classes 1till 7.can i give online classes on your platform?


Mehak, kindly register with us and create profile to apply for more tuition.

Study Spectrum

I m physics and maths teacher.I have been teaching since 1999.almost 20 years .I m interested to pursue my teaching profession as well .Can u help me pls!

Subodh Kumar Jha

Dear Subodh,

We appreciate your rich experience of 20 years. Please register with us to teach with us.

Study Spectrum

I have a master's in psychology and recently completed B.Ed. During my internship period, I had taught the 11th and 12th standard students the subject of psychology. Since this pandemic there isn't enough scope to move out to teach. So would really love if I can reach out to the students through online mode. Do let me know. It would be a wonderful opportunity for me I wouldn't want to miss. Thank you.

Shilpa Irene Nair

Dear Shilpa,

To teach online with us, you need to register and create profile. We will be more than happy to have you on our platform.

Study Spectrum

I want to teach Mathematics online 

Adegorite Adetayo

Please check 

Our Educational YouTube Channel and also FAQ Page

Study Spectrum

done Msc(IT)BEd .Have 15 yrs experience teaching  in defence schools computers classes IX-XII. 

Let me know if there is any requirement 



We do not hire teachers directly. But if something comes up, we will surely let you know.

Study Spectrum


I am in teaching professional from last 16 years. My equalification is Masters of Engg im Electronics

I teach toChemistry to IGCSE and ICSE boards students and also to engineers. Lookig forward for online teaching assignments.

Prof Deepak Kulkarni

Please do register with us and create your profile.

Study Spectrum

Myself Nidhi Singh,I am MSc in physics and I have 1 year experience of teaching.i teach physics, chemistry to student till class 10.

Nidhi singh

Please register and create your profile to teach online with us.

Study Spectrum

Hyyy, my self Shilpa jain.I am final year student of M.sc physics.

Shilpa jain

Yes. Shilpa. How can we help you?

Please check

Our Educational YouTube Channel and also FAQ Page

Study Spectrum

I have been teaching biology to class 1,11,12 since 21 years and still continue to do the same. I teach physics and chemistry to students till class 10. Would love to teach more children as in this pandemic we can reach out to them through virtual classes.

Shweta Agarwal

Please register yourself and also check

Our Educational YouTube Channel and also FAQ Page

Study Spectrum

Hello, I am B Ed graduate with more then 5 year of teaching experience. I am flexible to take up classes till 7th grade all subjects. Let me know if there is any requirement.

Swetha saragadam

Please register yourself and also check

Our Educational YouTube Channel and also FAQ Page

Study Spectrum

I have done my MSC in zoology ,done bed and pgdema also.i am having experience of 10 years.

Sneha Biswas

Please register yourself and also check

Our Educational YouTube Channel and also FAQ Page

Study Spectrum

I am PHYSICS facility


Please register and create your profile with us.

Study Spectrum

I am engineering graduate.I can teach mathematics up to class 10 and competition exam like ssc,railays(non-technical).

I can trained students hindi&english languages.I am provide training last 6 years

Sandeep sharma

Please register and create your profile with us.

You can then teach online and earn money.

Study Spectrum

Hlo I'm Ritu nd I'm 12 student. Now i want to teach online students of class 1-5. Can i teach online?

Ritu sharma

We advise you to focus on your studies as of now.
You have board exams which are more important than anything else. Once you clear your exams, you are most welcome to register with us as tutor.

Study Spectrum

I m post graduate in civil engineering and teaching Physics since last 25 years. I m interested in teaching Physics for those students who are preparing for competitive examinations like NEET and IIT jee. I am also interested to teach 11th and 12 th class students. I am author also ; written books for NEET published by cengage publication. 


Dear sir,

If you are interested in promoting your book on our platform, do let us know. For teaching part, feel free to register yourself and create your profile.

Study Spectrum

I need a online teaching job of sanskrit and Hindi . I am Quaillyfed .


Dear Anita,

Please check https://www.studyspectrum.com/frequently-asked-questions for your queries. You can reach out to us if there are still any doubts.

Study Spectrum

I m a bsc graduate student (zoology)

Plz if u required teacher plz give me a chance


Muskan Shakil Momin

We do not hire teachers directly. Please check https://www.studyspectrum.com/frequently-asked-questions for your queries.

Study Spectrum


I am Mrs Fizza. I have completed my masters from Patna Science College Patna university. I  am interested in teaching science up-to Std -8 and biology till class-12.

Than you. 

Fizza Hussain

Dear Fizza,

Pleas regsiter yourself to connect with studies and teach online. Please also check https://www.studyspectrum.com/frequently-asked-questions.

Study Spectrum


This is Mrs fizza hussain, working as a senior Science faculty in New Era High School Patna. Teaching is my passion and I am highly dedicated towards it. 

Thank you. 

Fizza Hussain

Dear Fizza,

We appreciate your passion for teaching. The world needs this badly. Please register with us online and also check https://www.studyspectrum.com/frequently-asked-questions.

Study Spectrum
I did BA, LLB,,LLM(corporate law)DFs(diploma forensic science), NET (national eligibility test) I am Ex CBI public prosecutor. I can teach student for judiciary and for law entrances of different universities etc.

You have a great deal of experience behind you. Please register and create your profile with us to teach online.

Study Spectrum
16years experienced in iit/pmt physics. Student. In last year my four student selected in AIIMS and seven in iit Advance
Raman Thakur

Nice record. We will love to have yo on board with us.

Please register and create your profile.

Study Spectrum
This is certainly a best opportunity for ladies who couldn't persue their career due to domestic obligations or to people who cannot move from their homes.

Yes. Online teaching is the best option for women and especially in times of corona.

Study Spectrum
Plz let me know how to become a teacher online
I want to teach maths and ststistics if any class.
Dr Anita Mishra
I want to teach English and Maths for tenth class
What is duration every day i have to spend
Indra Reddy

This basically depends on your understanding with the student. We do not have any say in that. Typically, the duration of class is 30 min - 01 hour.

Study Spectrum
I have over 40 years of teaching experience . I have a special talent to drive home the basic concepts and make the subject as easy as possible .

40 years of teaching, students would love your teaching. Please register and also check https://www.studyspectrum.com/frequently-asked-questions.

Study Spectrum
Dear sir /madam I"m tamil veera pandiyan from krishnagiri. I'm completed M,Phil degree physics. now i would like to join in our academy for teaching physics. ple can u make help to join in our group Thank you
S.Tamil veera pandiyan

We do not have any academy or group. Please check https://www.studyspectrum.com/frequently-asked-questions.

Study Spectrum
I have completed my bachelors of science in clinical psychology from SGT University . I would like to teach psychology to students
Riya seth
This will help me to improve my knowledge and also to utilise my time in learning new things by teaching the students
Shweta Rani
Yes. It will. Do check out our youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/studyspectrum ) too for more.
Study Spectrum
I have done B.SC HONS in mathematics from Hindu college. I am interested to teach mathematics to school students.
Manoj Kapoor
Please register yourself with us. Then create a profile to utilize our services.
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