Difficulties in learning English and How to Overcome Difficulties in learning English and How to Overcome

Difficulties in learning English and How to Overcome

Difficulties in learning English and How to Overcome

English is the language of the modern world and we have to learn it no matter what. Resisting learning English is a blunder that I would not even like to talk about it.

However, English is not really the mother tongue of Indians as we think in either Hindi or the local language and then translate our thoughts to English. A lot of people face difficulties in speaking fluent English while some struggle to even read it. You need to strike up a conversation with random strangers at a party but are afraid that English will come in the way.

Table of Content

  • Read Blogs and articles on different topics
  • Playing crosswords or scrabbles
  • Reading Newspapers
  • Create sentences using the words.
  • Watch English movies
  • Read a book aloud
  • Connect with people in chat rooms
  • Understand the coining of the words
  • Mind-games help

Complete Guide - I want to Improve My English Speaking

Learning English will make you avoid making grammatical mistakes while writing, reading, or conversing in English. Native English speakers do not know the meanings of each and every word. But their conversational skills are exceptionally high as they keep conversing in English, day in and day out.

Read Blogs and Articles on Different Topics and Improve English Pronunciation

Take topics that can interest you the most. You can take home and gardening, cooking, and beauty or lifestyle tips as well. Browse through enriched blogs written by foreign authors.

You can also subscribe to free email newsletters circulated by leading web publishing companies. The team sends out interesting articles right there in your inbox or emails. You can read these blogs to enhance your English language.

Plus you have a beautiful exposure to a variety of things that are happening around you.

Playing Crosswords or Scrabbles

If you have neighborhood friends who share similar interests, you can solve crossword puzzles or play scrabble games too. You can also play hangman or dumb charades with your group of friends. Playing these can elevate your English vocabulary, a fabulous way. And it is fun to solve these riddles or games with a group of friends.

You can also solve crosswords all by yourself when you subscribe to monthly magazines or daily English Newspapers. Do lookout for the meaning and usage of words that you come across.

Reading Newspapers

The level of English in newspapers is very enriching and you will come across new words and their usages. If you are facing difficulties in learning English, you should subscribe to some good English Newspapers you can access. You can also look for soft copies online. Reading newspapers every day can enrich your English vocabulary and grammar to a considerable extent.

Read the paper end to end, solve puzzles in it. Read in multiple sittings if required. Read the paper aloud. You can do a whole lot of things with the newspaper to learn English.

Read newspapers to improve English

Create Sentences using the Words.

Many students learn far too many new words in English to improve their vocabulary at least on paper. At the same time, they are simply not aware of how to use these, in their day to day communication. They also make grammatical errors while trying to converse in English. This happens as students are not familiar with the application of the words they have learned.

Once you have compiled word-lists from books, newspapers or the internet, try to write down sentences or conceptual avenues where the words can be used. You can also make your very own scrapbook by sticking pictures pertaining to the group of words. This way, you use and remember words in context to how they are used effectively in sentences or longer conversations too.

Watch English Movies

This is the easiest and the simplest way on how you can improve your English speaking abilities. If you do not get a chance to speak in English or hesitant initially, this is something worth doing.

You can glimpse into how American or British actors pronounce commonly used words and phrases. You can also keep a track of accents, slangs, and colloquialisms. This especially holds true while you keep watching English movies constantly. Subtitles will help you in overcoming the initial hurdle.

Again, you can compile word-lists based on your observations. When you watch the same movie for the second time, avoid putting the subtitles on. This way, you can clearly understand the dialects and dialogues portrayed in the movie, as such.

Watch movies to improve English

Read a Book A loud

You may not have a WIFI connection at home. Else you may not have someone to guide you on what kind of English movies you can watch. Then how do you combat this particular ordeal? Urbanites have easy access to theaters or multiplexes screening Hollywood movies, but how about the rural population? Again this is one of the major difficulties in learning English language vis-à-vis how to overcome them.

You can read a book aloud. Make a note of the intonation, pronunciation, and diction. Ask your school’s English teachers, if you are pronouncing words the right way. You can go to a cyber-café and put the speaker volumes on. Native English speakers pronounce the words in a particular style. Encapsulate the same in your day to day lives.

Reading a book aloud can elevate your confidence levels while you try speaking affluent English. A girl who was rearing sheep in a rural town has today become the educational minister of France. Hence, this achievement is good enough to keep you well motivated.

Your ears are not accustomed to hearing you talk in English and when they start hearing the brain gets confused and sends erratic signals. This creates confusion in mind and impacts your self-confidence. Reading out aloud will soon make your ears accustomed and remove the confusion. This is the strategy behind reading out aloud to overcome difficulties in learning English.

Connect with People in Chat Rooms

If you really want to improve your conversational abilities, this is a great idea indeed. You can try connecting yourself with a native English speaker say an American or a British guy. You can converse with him/her via Skype. Skype is a free software that connects using your WIFI connection. You can also speak over the phone or computer just for an hour a day or a week.

You can also get access to online English tutors across the web. This is another unique method to enhance your English speaking abilities to a considerable extent.

Talk with people to improve English

Understand the Coining of the Words

Coining refers to the creation of words and gives a lot of interesting information as to how the word got created. It might look irrelevant to you as a direct connection with overcoming difficulties in learning English may not be visible. But once you learn the story behind the coinage, you remember it for a very long time.

To know about the coinage of the word, you will have to dig further on the net and in the process learn some more words.

Mind-games help

Students learn newer words in the English language but tend to forget them as they rarely use high-end expressions or words in day to day speaking. This leads to a diminished vocabulary in spite of all the efforts put in.

Mind-games can help you overcome this particular ordeal. You can memorize a set of five words from the World’s vocabulary list. English speaking enthusiasts have compiled a list of 800 words on the internet. You jot down the word, meanings and conceptual sentences based on the new words you have learned. The next day, recap what you have learned and then utilize the time to learn the next 5 words. On the third day, you re-cap the word lists you have made for the first two days. By the end of the week, you might have learned enough words, to get you going.

And try utilizing a few of these words while you converse in English with your mom, dad, sister or brother. Communicating with family members can give you a better hand at improving your conversing skills.

These are some of the major difficulties in learning English on how to overcome them. The key to learn English is basically reading a lot of English text, practicing speaking and writing on a daily basis. Keep practicing and do not lose confidence in yourself. It will take some time but soon you will be able to get a good command over the language.

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